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Josha Stradowski Gay Rumor: Unraveling Its Origins and Clarifications

Dinesh Shrestha


After the Dutch actor Josha Stradowski portrayed a queer character in a movie, it raised curiosity among netizens about his sexuality and love life. Consequently, the gay rumor of the actor began to spread on social media rapidly.

While the fans are desperate to know about it, he remains mum on these matters.

Josha Stradowski’s Queer Character in the Movie Began Gay Rumors

Josha appeared in the 2018 romance movie Just Friends as Joris, a queer character. The movie is more focused on the two young men, Joris and Yad, played by Majd Mardo, who fall in love.

He gave a stellar performance in the movie, which left the fans stunned. Netizens were impressed by his performance, and they also appreciated it. The film was liked by most of the folks and also gave an outstanding rating.

Furthermore, the movie earned several accolades at several LGBTQ-centered film festivals and gathered huge praise from social media.

However, one fan tweeted, “If y’all wanna watch Josha Stradowski being a disaster gay for an hour and a half, ‘Just Friends’ is free watching on Amazon, just sayin’.”

Likewise, another penned, “Just a smidge of drama, and otherwise a really happy, positive queer movie. MORE MOVIES LIKE THIS, PLEASE.”

Josha Stradowski’s queer character started the gay rumor [Photo: Instagram]

Josha’s other queer role comes from Bromance. The movie follows two best friends living in a village whose lives are changed when a handsome young man from the city moves into town.

The film director Timothy said that it is often described as a how about exploring homosexuality, which is undoubtedly a theme but was not the goal.

After his portrayal of the queer character, netizens began to spread the that he is gay in real life also.

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What Is Josha Stradowski’s True Sexuality?

The American actor remains silent about his sexual orientation. Even though he played queer roles which raised a question of his sexuality, he never addressed it.

His queer roles helped him garner a huge fan following from around the world but also created the situation where he had to face the netizen’s questions. However, since he hasn’t addressed it remains a rumor.

In addition, he also never revealed his love life. He isn’t very active on social media and doesn’t post much about his love life. He has kept the public in the dark up to this point about his relationship and sexuality.

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Exploring Josha’s Acting Career Journey From the Beginning

Josha Strahovski was born in 1995 in Zuid-Holland, Netherlands. He is popularly known for portraying Rand al’Thor character in the fantasy series The Wheel of Time.

As per IMDB, he began his acting career in 2006 with musical theater productions like Kuifje: De Zonnetempel and others.

He developed his acting skills at a number of schools, including the Lucia Marthas Performance Academy, CodArt, and the AHK Theater School in Amsterdam, where he received a Bachelor’s in Acting.

He made his first screen debut in the youth series Naranjina en de Kadekapers.

Josha Stradowski has appeared in several Dutch theatrical productions [Photo: Instagram]

Then, the actor played Pascal Roozen from 2011 to 2012 in the enduring drama series Spangas, which gave him his first big role. The following years saw an increase in performances, interspersed by breaks.

Later in 2018, the queer romantic comedy Just Friends, in which Josha Stradowski starred, helped him get a lot of new fans. He had previously performed as a queer persona, though. In the same year, he appeared on stage in Bromance.

Till now, he has appeared in several movies and series. Josha has made his name in the entertainment industry.