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The Confusion Prevails: Is Ari Shaffir Gay?

Dinesh Shrestha


Ari Shaffir’s sexuality has been a discussion topic for many years. Netizens have been divided into two camps while discussing the rumors about it. Some believe he might be gay, while some believe he might be trolling.

Nevertheless, whatever could be the truth, netizens have not failed to point out every side of his story.

Some Instances Made Fans Believe Ari Was Gay

Back in 2015, Shaffir was seen kissing American actor Duncan Trussel while watching a boxing match. The incident eventually made fans speculate about his sexuality.

Other than that, the comedian repeatedly referred to his boyfriend in Ari Shaffir’s Skeptic Tank podcast with Emma Willmann, a gay comedian, he mentioned that he had dated a guy once.

This helped to fuel the rumor more and even began spreading more. But he also admitted in the podcast that he had dated some women in the past. However, the fact that he had a boyfriend received more attention.

Although the rumor has heated up the internet, he refuses to talk about his sexuality. As he wasn’t responding to the rumor, fans took the topic to a forum.

Some believed he was gay and even claimed that he had mentioned a boyfriend named Tony on TYSO and Normand’s podcast.

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Fans Discussed it on Reddit

Ari Shaffir’s followers took the topic on Reddit to discuss what was true and what was not. Since he mentioned his boyfriend multiple times, fans believed that he was gay.

One user claimed that Shaffir has talked about having intimate relationships with women. What’s more, the comic was also the type to actively make out with dudes to mess with people. The netizen was doubtful if the comic’s occasional homosexual interactions (possibly pranks) were enough to establish an identity as a gay man.

“Plus, I doubt his hemorrhoids could take that,” the user quipped.

Another user penned that Ari also talked about him and his boyfriend moving in with his parents for a while at the start of Covid-19.

So, one netizen asked if the last podcast, when he was talking about his boyfriend, was a bit right. Well, as he has been silent about all these rumors, fans might have to wait to find out the truth.

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Is The Comedian Ari Shaffir Really Gay?

While some fans provided the evidence to prove he was gay, others said that “He’s a troll, and he has caught you in his web intentionally.”

They thought that he might be trolling the fans by talking about his boyfriend, who questioned his sexuality.

One user believed that Ari was just trolling with his boyfriend’s comments, but since the comedian was really candid in the podcast, it didn’t seem to be funny or trolling.

Likewise, one user admitted being confused and wrote, “i don’t care if ari is gay or bi but i’m just wondering… Ari has mentioned “his boyfriend” a few times on his podcast and i’m just wonder who he’s talking about. is he talking about his dog or ? joe list recently mentioned having visited Ari in another country and the person Ari was there with is a woman.[sic]”

Another user replied that although they were a queer fan with reasonably good gaydar, they couldn’t tell. They further stated that Shaffir talked about his boyfriend but also bragged about being a troll, so it seemed like trolling. The user gave an example of Bo Burnham, who did similar by deliberately leaving things up in the air.

Well, it seems like fans will have to wait sometime to know the truth behind Ari’s sexuality and other personal details.