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Sue Aikens Had 3 Husbands Before She Met the One

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Susan Aikens, aka Sue Aikens, has taken a husband three times. So her love life has been an eventful one.

It is just heartbreaking that Aikens had to hold up her vows till death did them part—not once but twice.

Her first husband died, leaving her a widow. Her second husband, whom she divorced after 17 years, maintained a good friendship with her until passing away in 2009. What’s worse, her third husband left her for a younger woman.

Thankfully, the story didn’t end there, and she met a guy named Michael G. Heinrich, whom she now calls her boyfriend.

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Sue Aikens Met Michael G. Heinrich via Social Media

Aikens revealed in an interview on The Ellen Show with Melissa McCarthy that she met Michael G. Heinrich through a social media platform.

For context, Sue is the only person in a 500-mile radius for half the year, so one might understand how it’s a little bit of a challenge for her to find herself a man.

Well, thanks to the magic of the internet and social media, she doesn’t have to be so isolated all the time.

“He’s a union electrician out of New York. 9, 10 years ago, he sent me a friend request on a social platform,” she explained.

Sue Aikens met Michael G. Heinrich via social media [Photo: Instagram]

Aikens mentioned that he was nice-looking, but shortly after, she noticed he was already married at that time. Michael said that he was just a fan of her.

Aikens and Heinrich started off as friends, and fast-forward nine years, they had their very own book club—still friends.

Things Just Fell in Place

While all this was going on, Michael’s relationship hit a rough patch, and he got a divorce from his then-wife.

Armed with the knowledge that Michael was now single, she took the chance and said she was interested in pursuing a romantic relationship.

“About a year and a half ago, I let him know that I was maybe interested in pursuing more.” she said.

Aikens also gave a hint to people when she commented on Michael’s Facebook post that read, “There he is.”

Sue Aikens congratulates Michael G. Heinrich after getting the yellow belt in September 2020 [Photo: Facebook]

On September 2020, she officially posted his picture, congratulating him for getting a yellow belt. “I wanted to share that I am awfully proud of my sweetie Michael G. Heinrich today,” she said on the post.

While she was at Kavik, Michael had been training and learning Haganah.

Then he gained his yellow belt, but she couldn’t be there in person.

“My sock monkey went in my stead! We take care to include each other in day-to-day things like cooking a burger or photos of bee butts,” she stated.

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Sue Aikens Two Husbands Passed Away, and One Left Her

Sue Aikens has been in three unsuccessful marriages where her two husbands passed away, and her last husband left her for a younger woman.

“I outlived two of them, not that I’m a black widow,” she explained in the aforementioned interview.

Further, she stated, “I don’t know why none of my husbands ever figured out reverse psychology works on me.”

The Life Below Zero star had more than one heartbreaking love story and faced challenging situations in her love life. The first time around, she married a guy who eventually died of a brain tumor.

Sue-Aikens-no- long- lasting- relationship- with-her husband
Sue Aikens married thrice, but none of the relationships with her husband lasted long [Photo: Instagram]

Her first husband’s name and other details are unknown. Not long after, in June 1987, she married a British person, Eddie James Aikens.

Then the couple moved to Portland, Oregon, where her husband operated a barbershop. They had a good time for seventeen years and were blessed with two children.

Sadly, their nearly two decades of relationship ended in divorce in 2004. They remained good friends until his death in 2009. Later, Sue ultimately married her third husband, but it’s reported he left her for a younger woman.