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Perdita Weeks Puts Rumors to Rest: No Truth to Husband Speculations

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Magnum P.I. star Perdita Weeks debunked the rumor about her husband and children, which was circulated on the internet.

Responding to the rumor, the actress took to Twitter to clear the air and confirm that she didn’t have a husband and children.

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Perdita Doesn’t Have a Husband and Children

Many celebrity relationship sites have claimed she had a husband named Kit Frederiksen and had two kids with him.

The rumor was debunked when the actress tweeted, “When you have to spend your Monday morning reporting the myriad false mentions on the internet of your “husband” and “children.” You’d think I would remember getting married and birthing twin boys.”

The actress eventually slammed the rumors and the various outlet & publications spreading false information about her.

Not only the name – several sites used Michelle Multiz’s husband, Ben Feldman’s picture as Kit Frederiksen to further the rumors.

Perdita Weeks shuts down husband rumors [Photo: Twitter]

Ben Feldman and Perdita worked together in the movie named As Above, So Below, released in 2014.

Till now, she had led a private life, keeping personal details far away from people and social media. The Magnum P.I. star has constantly updated pictures of her adventure, which often include hiking and outdoor activities.

Perdita Weeks’ Disability Rumor: Separating Fact from Fiction

Not only her rumored husband and children – many of the drama series fans believed that she had a disability in real life.

The rumor began when the actress gave an unbelievable performance in season 2 of the series.

The actress character Higgins had to fake an injury in Mondays Are for Murder, season 2, episode 13, in order to avoid being paired with a spy named Thomas.

Even viewers thought that Perdita actually had an ailment or disability in real life because of how well she portrayed the fictitious injury.

However, it seems like there’s no truth to the rumor, and the actress also hasn’t responded to it yet.

Perdita Weeks: Shining Bright in a Stellar Acting Career

Perdita Weeks was born in South Glamorgan to Robin and Susan Weeks. The actress is the older sister of actor Rollo Weeks and the younger sister of Honeysuckle Weeks.

She attended the Roedean School in East Sussex and then went to the Courtauld Institute in London to study art history. Since Perdita started her career in acting, she has appeared in several movies and TV series.

Perdita Weeks [Photo: Instagram]

She is a British actress most famous for portraying Juliet Higgins in the CBS turned-NBC reboot series Magnum P.I.

Other than that, her movies and TV series credits are long. She was also a part of the 2012 drama series Titanic as Lady Georgina Grex.

Perdita Speaks Out on the Show Cancellation

Magnum P.I. is ending after its one-season revival on NBC, and the actress recently shared her thought about the show’s cancellation.

Perdita took to Instagram to express farewell on behalf of her character.

She posted a BTS picture of her and scene partner Jay Hernandez in front of the sunset, captioning the post, “After one hell of an encore, it’s time for us at Magnum P.I. to ride off into the sunset.”

Weeks thanked everyone who supported them and the whole cast and crew for half a decade of fun.

Perdita Week posted her and her scene partner Jay Hernandez with the sunset background and speaks about the show’s cancellation [Photo: Instagram]

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The show’s cancellation came after NBC decided not to shoot additional episodes beyond the 20 episodes of the fifth season.