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Kyle Dutcher’s Wife: A Look Into Their Marriage

Suyasha Rupakheti


The popular skateboarder Kyle Dutcher is happily married to his wife, Aloni Smiley. His professional success has brought his love life into the limelight.

So, it is natural that fans are curious to know about his beloved. They got a second chance at their love.

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Kyler Dutcher’s Wife Is a Fitness Enthusiast

While Kyle has been doing well as a professional roller skater, his spouse, on the other hand, is a fitness enthusiast. She often shares fitness-related content on her Instagram.

Aloni enjoys working out and has maintained an excellent physique. In addition to being a fitness enthusiast, Lovelee is also a skilled skateboarder. She has shared several videos of her skateboarding.

Besides that, Smiley also shares motivational videos. She shares ‘Self Reminder’ videos preaching good things to her fans and followers.

Aloni and Kyle’s Marital Life

Around the mid-2010s, Aloni was dating Dae Kwon, with whom she welcomed twin daughters. She used to share several pictures with him. And, in one uploaded his photo and wrote “#hubby.”

In November 2016, she shared a picture with Dae and the kids. In the caption, she wrote, “We do it for the kids. co parenting at its best. Smiles make it worth.”

Before dating Dae, Smile was married to Kyle. In January 2015, she shared a picture with Kyle and wrote, “This guy right here, we have the best coparenting relationship.” The caption followed a series of hashtags.

Likewise, in November 2016, she also shared Kyle’s photo and said he was her ex-husband and father to her firstborn child. In May 2017, she shared pictures of them during the Birthday trip to Nola.

Since then, Aloni shared several pictures and videos with him. In November 2017, she thanked creation for second chances, hinting that they got back together after separating the first time.

In December 2017, she posted a picture of her wearing a toy ring and revealed she said yes again. On August 8, 2018, the couple tied the knot for the second time.

Kyle Dutcher and Aloni Smiley tied the knot a second time. (Photo: Instagram)

Having been together since 2003, the couple got back together after breaking up the first time. They thank God for giving them second chances.

Lost Her Daughter to Cancer

Kyle’s wife is a doting mom to her kids. Kyle and Aloni share a son, Master Zavair Dutcher, whom they welcomed in March 2006.

Also, Aloni shares twin daughters, Sareon Kwon and Diem Monroe Kwon, with her ex-husband Dae Kwon.

Unfortunately, Aloni’s daughter, Diem, suffered from Glioblastoma, an aggressive brain cancer. On June 17, 2017, they discovered that she had a brain tumor on the right side of her brain which was causing her to “walk funny.”

For around nine months, Aloni and her ex-husband Dae were told that Diem had at least two years, and then they were told she had eight months.

Despite having surgery on June 20, 2017, they could not remove everything because of where it was located; it would be too dangerous, and she could die.

Sadly, on December 24, 2017, Diem took her last breath at 8:45 am. It was a tough moment for Aloni and the family to lose their little girl.

Kyle’s spouse has been educating people about the cancer that kids could get. On her Instagram, she shares facts related to childhood cancer and creates awareness for people.

In March 2021, she launched The C.A.R.E Network with Elena Saro. Its goal is to help people heal the precious pieces of their hearts after the loss of a kid.

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Dutcher Family Mom Swapped with the Frayall Family

In February 2020, popular skateboarder Kyle Dutcher became a part of season 2 of the Paramount Network show Wife Swap. Aloni Smiley Dutcher, a flat-earther mom who homeschooled kids, swapped with Felecia Frayall, a straight-laced teacher.

These two women, who came from different backgrounds, decided to trade their lifestyle and home for two weeks. After the time period ended, they and their husbands met up to discuss what happened over the course of the two weeks.

At first, Mrs.Dutcher and Mrs.Frayall were able to look around the house they would be living in for two weeks to form their first impressions.

Frayall called her new home a “hillbilly house, while Dutcher found her new abode to be spic and pan with a chore wheel for children.

Kyle left his new teacher wife flabbergasted with his controversial opinions. Frayall, at last, expressed her fear that the Dutchers were teaching their children conspiracy theories instead of trusted facts.