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Sue Aikens’ Journey Through Two TV Shows Before Life Below Zero

Dinesh Shrestha


The reality TV star Sue Aikens had appeared on the two TV shows before appearing on the show Life Below Zero.

Aikens appeared in a TLC reality show named Sarah Palin’s Alaska. She appeared in an episode titled ‘She’s a great shot.’

However, the reality tv star’s appearance wasn’t preconceived.

She got to appear on the show after the then-governer of Alaska discovered her with a 72-year-old father, Chuck Heath, and a family friend named Steve Becker.

They went on a Caribou hunting trip in Kavik River Camp. The encounter with TLC brought her to the limelight, and she became famous overnight as an exciting venue for hunting parties in 2011.

Life Below Zero star Sue Aikens in the Adapt or Die episode of the show [Photo: Youtube/National Geographic]

In the same year, she was again featured in a few series of another reality show, Flying Wild Alaska.

The show followed the family who ran the era of Alaska Airlines. The chief operating officer was looking for landing strips when he landed on Sue’s Airship.

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Sue Aikens Took Legal Action: Lawsuit Filed Against BBC Studios

Before joining the show Life Below Zero, Sue revealed that BBC Studios approached her on the basis that they had an interest in her unique lifestyle.

Aikens wouldn’t have accepted the offer if they hadn’t treated her with respect. The show began by maintaining her privacy, which was the most important thing for her.

They would initially contact her to find out what she was doing and to ask if they could film her. She also personally enjoyed it since they didn’t make a move to tweak her originality.

Despite initially singing the praises of BBC, it came as a root shock when she filed a case against BBC Studios Los Angeles unit in 2017.

No one could have imagined issues were rocking the boat of the show.

Sue Aikens [Photo: Instagram]

The lawsuit was filed after she sustained an injury resulting from an accident with her snowmobile while driving across an overflow on the icy river at six miles per hour, hitting the ice in 2015.

The incident, which aired in ‘The Crash Episode,’ was followed by ‘The Aftermath,’ which was also aired in June of that same year.

Aikens claimed that two episodes were filmed without her consent and forced to do by the producer, Aaron Melman.

She had reportedly warned against filming in the location because she knew the dangers, but she was ignored.

Then after the accident, the rescue team allegedly delayed deliberately. They also made her walk to show her how much she was hurting for better footage.

She filed the lawsuit two years later, in 2017. However, nobody knows the reasons behind waiting two years to file a case.

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Surviving Solitude: Sue Aikens, the Lone Resident in 500 Square Miles

The reality TV star Sue Aikens has been the only person living in the Kavik river camp for over a decade. Kavik is 500 miles from the closest town and 100 miles from any road.

Although she spent her adult life in Kavik, born on July 1, 1963, in Illinois, USA, at Mount Prospect Holy Family Hospital, Sue lived in Illinois till she was young.

Aikens’ dad continuously moved them from place to place until her mom decided to leave her dad. It was between the late ’60s and early ’70s when her parents decided to divorce.

Then they moved north of Fairbanks, Alaska. Sadly, Aikens’ mom abandoned her and left her alone in the challenging environment. Sue had left to protect herself and survive on her own.

At some point, an old Alaska resident handed her first rifle, telling her to learn how to hunt or else she would die.

At that time, she needed to survive; the only way to survive was to make money. So, Aikens gradually learned how to survive, and at some point, she also had 32 giants Alaskan Malamutes.

She would set as long as 400 miles of trap line to hunt and make a living in the long run. Aikens stopped hunting for foxes after realizing they were friends and not just a source of fur.

Sue Aikens: The Enigmatic Net Worth of a Wilderness Survivor

The Life Below Zero star has amassed a considerable amount from her appearance on different TV shows.

Aikens also produced an action and thriller film named Panama. Therefore, as per Distractify, she has an estimated net worth of $500,000.

Because of her lifestyle, it has been clear that Aikens has been a great addition to the show.