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Trey Kennedy: Is He Married? And Addressing The Gay Rumors

Himal Ale Magar


Trey Kennedy took his fans and followers by surprise when he announced his engagement with his now-wife, Katie Byrum.

The couple got engaged in early September 2019, which amazed his fans, who had no idea about his relationship.

The comedian did not reveal information regarding his love life until that very moment.

It seems like Kennedy wanted his fans to focus on his comedy rather than his personal life. Nevertheless, his fans adored the beautiful man wishing the couple happiness and success.

Trey Kennedy And Katie Byrum [Photo: Instagram]

Further, the pair finally tied the knot and got married on May 23, 2020. The couple shared the beautiful moment on Instagram.

They captioned, “For the first time Mr. and Mrs. Kennedy ✨ 5.23.20.”

Who Is Trey Married To? How Did He Meet His Wife?

Trey is married to Katie Byrum, who models for the website Shopltk.

In regards to how the couple met, the comedian has addressed the entire encounter in a Youtube video. Trey revealed that he met Katie through Instagram, which he said was very millennial.

He added that it was not random, and they were both 26 and 27 at the time.

Trey said they were just two Southern Christians who were single and looking for something special to happen.

After having a few conversations, the couple agreed to meet for dinner. They explained their first meeting was romantic, like love at first sight.

Trey Kennedy With Wife Katie Byrum [Photo: Instagram]

The couple also shared that it felt strange meeting a random person in another city. They believed they should have themselves checked out if things had not worked out.

Trey also shared a funny interaction he had with a lady from a church.

The lady told him, when he was 24, that if he didn’t hurry up and get married, his only option would be to marry a divorced woman.

Katie responded: “He was not desperate when he met me, it sounds like, not at all.”

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Trey Kennedy Revealed He’s Expecting A Child

The internet sensation took to social media to break the news to his fans.

The comedian who went viral for his portrayal of a relatable dad character had to prepare for the real deal. Trey’s wife shared the news in a joyful photo, which showcased Katie and Trey smiling at the camera.

The post captioned “Baby Boy Kennedy due late February 2023 .”

In response to her announcement, many fans wished them best wishes, amidst which Trey commented, “Read the caption. That’s our gender reveal.”

On the other hand, instead of sharing a lovely photo like his wife, the comedian created a short video for the announcement.

Trey Kennedy And Katie Byrum With Their Son [Photo: Instagram]

Recently, the couple announced the arrival of their baby in an Instagram post. The couple shared a happy moment with their fans as they welcomed their son Thomas who had been smiling since he was born.

The couple affirmed that they couldn’t be happier.

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Addressing The Gay Rumors

The star comedian shared his thoughts on the speculation regarding him being gay on a YouTube video. The rumor supposedly started when a user commented that he was gay when he revealed his engagement with Katie.

Trey addresses the rumor as not being true as he joked about starting a rumor that he invented Bitcoin.

The comedian further humored that his supposedly coming out of the closet as a gay man would probably make headlines.

So, it is safe to say the artist is not gay. Besides, Trey commented that his acting girly was a part of his skit as an artist and demanded an Oscar for being too good at it.