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Princess Mae Welcomes Third Child With New Boyfriend

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Princess Mae and her boyfriend, Tony Gaisoa, welcomed their child last year.

The social media personality initially shared the news of her pregnancy through Instagram in August 2022. Mae was naked, covering her breast with her left hand, flaunting her baby bump for the camera.

With the caption “Beautifully Made 12/31” on the post, she started sharing pictures of her pregnancy fairly frequently on social media.

They had a baby shower event in October 2022, where she revealed the baby was coming in December. Mae posted a picture with her husband and mom in an Instagram post with a beautiful background.

She was so excited and couldn’t wait to meet her new son. Later on January 2023, she posted the first picture of her beautiful baby boy on Instagram. Albeit the infant was a regular on her Instagram stories.

Princess Mae welcomed her third child last year
Princess Mae welcomed her third child last year [Photo: Instagram]

Mae had constantly shared her husband’s picture with the children but never revealed her dating history. However, Princess Mae was in a relationship with Chris and welcomed a son with him.

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Princess Mae Welcomed Child with Ex-Boyfriend Chris in 2019

Princess Mae welcomed her second child three years ago with Chris in 2019.

The social media personality initially shared an ultrasound picture on Instagram in September. In the caption, Mae mentioned she was thankful for being the mother of God’s most beautiful creation made from heaven.

Further, she stated that she had faced different struggles and challenges in her life, and the little angel was another purpose she lived with every day.

In October 2019, she shared a photo of herself looking lovely in a red tie-front long-sleeve jumpsuit with a cute tiny black purse while in her second trimester.

Alongside one such picture, she revealed her child’s name.

“Hello world, my name is Ezekiel King,” she captioned the post.

In April, she shared her cute son’s picture in an Instagram post when he was only one week old.

Princess Mae welcomed her second child in 2019
Princess Mae welcomed her second child in 2019 [Photo: Instagarm]

Then when he was one month and two weeks, she shared another picture and captioned it, “My baby wontons first giggles.”

Mae was always active on social media and frequently shared her child’s pictures. She also shared a video of the family celebrating her son, Ezekiel King’s birthday when he turned three years old last year.

Mae Found Out Her Boyfriend Chris Was Cheating On Her

The social media personality discovered that her boyfriend was cheating on her with another girl. While she walked into his room with the camera, Chris was with another woman.

Later in the second video, while she was searching for something close to where Chris was sitting, he pushed against her chest. She was pregnant while her allegedly abusive boyfriend pushed her.

Chris also released a video in which he returned home after spending time with his friends and discovered that his clothes were all over the outside of the house.

“I want you guys to know the real princess because she is not angelic and beautiful,” Chris said in the video.

Later when he was in an Instagram live session, he said that he loved her son, daughter, Mae, and her whole family. He further stated that he had always given so much respect to her.

Chris also revealed that they were friends before they started dating. She was in a toxic relationship with her boyfriend while they were friends.

Princess Mae and her ex-boyfriend Chris [Photo: Instagram]

Chris had a soft spot for Mae because he had seen her at her worst.

In addition, he claimed he had always been a big supporter and always motivated her. The couple’s relationship endured a lot, and in the end, they broke up.

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Princess Mae First Child With Anonymous Partner

Princess Mae shared her first baby bump on Instagram in May 2016.

In the post, she requested small prayers for her little one as the mother-to-be was in the emergency room.

The social media influencer later said she only discovered she was pregnant one month ago.

Princess Mae shared her first child picture along with her brother [Photo: Instagram]

Princess Mae wished her brother was there because he was a father figure in her life. She welcomed her first child, Cléo, and shared it with everyone through an Instagram post on October 31, 2016.

However, it’s still a mystery about her first boyfriend since she hasn’t shared anything about it.