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The Boy From Atlanta, Anti Da Menace, Made A Vote Appeal

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The kid rapper Anti Da Menace posted on his Instagram account regarding a vote appeal.

The rapper asked his supporters to support him by voting for him for the 10th spot in the XXL Freshman Class of 2023.

The kid from the street rose and became a top star worldwide. The rapper represented his home turf, Atlanta, and participated in the Class of 2023.

Anti Da Menace is on the verge of creating his unique stardom. He brought new music and a new voice to the streets, becoming one of the most popular up-and-coming young rappers in the scene.

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XXL Freshman Class of 2023

According to Xxlmag, XXL Freshman started in 2007, giving a platform to the rising newcomers. The new young talents get a chance to enter the hip-hop game and make a name for themselves.

Every year, XXL Freshman selects a young new voice and evolves it to legendary form.

Marking its 16th anniversary this year, the contest was inspirational for those who aspire to make a name in the game.

AntiDaMenac Appealed Vote On His Social Media

The Atlanta native rapper threw a vote appeal via his now-deleted Instagram post for the 10th spot for the XXL Freshman Class of 2023 on 4 April.

Fans of the rapper commented best wishes for the contest. Menace asked all his supporters to vote for him, which, even if he didn’t make the cut, would benefit him and his stardom.

Few of the fans acknowledged his posts and voted for him. They even replied in the post that they did what the rapper asked for.

Where Is Anti Da Menace From?

Hailing from the Westside of Atlanta, Anti Da Menace multitasked in surviving the rough streets and chasing his dreams in the hip-hop scene.

If you were wondering: What is Anti Da Menace’s real name? Anti Da Menace’s real name is Johnny Parry.

Recently, the Atlantic rapper released several music videos, such as, ‘Murder B*tch,’ ‘Big Eyez’ and ‘Drill on Feet’ from his m mixtape Street Legend which gained thousands of views in a giffy from his devoted fans.

Anti De Menace [Photo: Instagram]]

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Anti Da Menace’s Music Going Viral

The Altanta-base rapper sat down with Dirty Glove B*stard for an exclusive conversation.

In the interview, AntiDeMenace talked about his young life while growing up in the Westside of Atlanta. He also said that he had a team that supported him, and he signed a new deal.

The Atlanta native added he was on the list of top 5 rappers, and his music went viral on the internet. He also added about his freestyle beatbox, how he got love on the internet, and much else besides.

The young rapper said that despite the accidents and incidents he faced in his life, he still stood tall in his career.

“Thuging it out” on his own, Anti Da Menace jumped into the scene in his early teens, and in the years since, he’s been shot, hit by a car, and gone through a bunch of other things that he refrained from sharing in front of the camera.

In the end, they were just lessons that he built upon.

The Atlanta native also shed light on the start of his rap career. According to him, he never thought of his life as a rapper.

The rapper added he never imagined people would show him a vast amount of love and follow him on his socials.

The rapper never believed he would be so famous that he had to give interviews and be known worldwide.

Proud Father Of Two Children: Both Sons

Anti Da Menace was born on August 9, 2004. It may be surprising for many to learn that he is, in fact, a father of two children at such a young age. He had already welcomed his second kid when he was just eighteen.

Anti Da Menace welcomed his eldest son, Legend, in October.

Then, in March of 2023, he announced the arrival of his second son via his TikTok with the caption, “I just had anotha son.” Well, many of his followers were kind of shocked by the revelation.

As per Famous Birthdays, his younger son’s name is Loyal. Menace, at times, takes his little one to the studio as well and has even featured him in a music video. So it won’t be surprising to see his kids follow in his footsteps and enter the music industry.

While sitting down with The Progress Report, the musician revealed that he always liked kids way before he had his. He also stated he had a girl but did not reveal her name and other information.

All in all, the young talent from Atlanta has cemented his name but, unfortunately, did not make the cut for XXL Freshman Class of 2023.