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Mekki Leeper And The Love For His Girlfriend

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Mekki Leeper is deeply in love with his girlfriend, whom he met around 2018.

The couple is more focused on their professional career. Both of them shared their professional lives on their respective social feeds.

The comedian Leeper never showed or talked about his girlfriend until 2018. Then, he dropped the news for his fans and stated he was in a relationship.

Mekki Leeper And His Girlfriend Share Love Publicly

The fans wanted to know who the prankster Leeper’s girlfriend was and what she looked like.

The comedian had answers for his fans as he began regularly posting pictures of himself and his girlfriend, Dessie Jackson, in 2018, as per the comedian’s Instagram page.

Mekki Leeper posted about his girlfriend, Dessie Jackson, for the first time [Photo: Instagram]

The social feeds of the couple had all the enjoyable moments of their relationship, which made the bond between the comedian and his girlfriend evident.

That being said, the couple is still private about their relationship, so much so that their first interaction has not yet made it to the public eye.

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The Prankster’s Girlfriend And Her Profession

The comedian’s girlfriend is a native of Lancaster, PA. Jackson calls herself an artist and is a stop-motion animator based on reports from Distractify.

Her work can also be seen in her social feed. It appears that she loves sharing her skills with her fans.

Furthermore, the girlfriend runs her own website named Dessie Jackson. Based on her official website, her work highlights themes like gender and identity, femininity, sexual identity, and beauty.

Jackson once got the opportunity to show her artistic skills at a music and arts festival.

Leeper has a better relationship with his girlfriend, yet he got famous for his ridiculous idea.

The prankster Mekki had this absurd idea of making people believe that a used tissue could be reused and was healthy for life, and surprisingly, people bought his idea.

The Hoax of $80 Tissue Made People Mad

Vaev Tissue, created by Mekki Leeper [Photo: YouTube/Comedy Central]

Based on the reports of Dailydot, Mekki Leeper had this idea for a prank and convinced the people of the internet to buy in on one of his top hoaxes to date.

He made smooth branding, dummy Instagram followers, a Squarespace website, and an investment of $1000 to sell used tissues for eighty bucks a pop, making it a global demand.

The comedian named his product “Vaev,” which claimed to make you sick today and later be immunized. And people bought the idea and paid their hard-earned money for the fake notion.

The buzz succeeded and led Mekki to a digital show called Control Room. The comedian had plans for the digital show where he would talk about why people are so easily persuadable.

According to an interview with Poynter, in Mekki’s debut at the Control Room on March 29, he revealed how he could brainwash the internet with only 900 bucks and a Photoshop class. This created a buzz on the internet and sold the bogus idea to the public.

The Philadelphia native only invested one week in a room, making more than a thousand people believe his hoax.

He revealed his goal was to see how Americans were credulous regarding their precious health and fake health products.

The renowned comedian stated that he had numerous ideas similar to Vaev tissues. Still, his thoughts were never acknowledged, and he had to take this step to be heard worldwide.

Mekki’s Instagram page shows that he is more focused on his career and shares time with his girlfriend too.