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Sam Cieri’s Unforeseen Withdrawal from AGT


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AGT season 17’s Sam Cieri’s soul-stirring voice bewitched the audience. However, his unforeseen withdrawal from AGT dropped everyone’s jaw.

He withdrew from the competition despite having a favorable chance. Of course, it made fans wonder about what was happening behind the scenes.

Hence, Sam took to TikTok to reveal why he withdrew from the show in 2 parts. The artist began by sharing his initial intent of participating in the show.

He continued to explain how their journey started with AGT’s offer to audition solo. Although Sam hesitated initially, both parties agreed, firmly expressing his decision to perform as a representative of Nicotine Dolls.

Despite several compromises, the show’s producers attempted to present Sam as a solo artist, which deviated from their original discussion. As a result, Sam was offered a role as an alternate for the Live Shows.

The Nicotine Doll’s frontman further detailed his experience at AGT, leading to his difficult decision to withdraw from the show altogether.

Fan’s Mixed Opinions

The aftermath of Sam’s withdrawal from AGT has been nothing short of amazing. Yet his fans are still engaging in passionate debates over his decision. While most supportive fans believe that leaving the show was the right move, a few ponder if he’d benefit from the exposure from the show.

Debate among fans after Cieri’s withdrawal (Image Source: Instagram)

Furthermore, Sam’s ardent fans praise his commitment to preserving the authenticity of his band. Perhaps, his exit outweighs any potential benefits of continuing the show.

Despite the contrasting opinions, Sam Cieri and his band is doing well, garnering 216k followers on Instagram alone and a whopping 1 million on TikTok.

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Unforgettable Audition: Stunned Judges & Fans With his Answers

Sam Cieri’s fans can never get over his July 19, 2022, audition, when he stunned judges and audiences with his raspy vocal skills.

He performed his original song, Tell Me What Makes You Sad, which prompted judge Heidi Klum to joke, “If Rod Stewart and John Mayer had a baby…” Cieri coyly replied, “Those are my parents.”

Likewise, Sofia Vergara acknowledged his undeniable talent saying, “I think this is your moment, Sam” while Cowell praised his authenticity.

Simon was initially blown by Sam’s honesty when he asked, ” What’s the big dream?” Sam unhesitatingly replied,

“The dream is to be a musician, and that’s my job, and that’s what I do every day, and it self-sustains. I am going to be creative, and that’s going to be my job.”

During his audition, Sam confessed that he’d been making music his entire life. However, struggling as a musician, he’d worked several odd jobs. He cleaned houses, painted houses, performed Broadway musicals, etc.

Expectedly, the indie rock band’s frontman impressed the panel of three, who unanimously sent him through to the next round. And the rest is history!

Life After Withdrawal from AGT

As of now, the co-founder of Nicotine Dolls is living his passion, making music, touring, and filmmaking. Since his withdrawal from AGT, he’s been engrossed in making music with his band.

Nicotine Dolls released their two full albums and have collaborated with artists such as The Monochrome, The Kites, and Golden Leaves thus far.

Further, the blend of punk and alternative rock bands is available on all major streaming platforms; Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube. Their albums are also available on iTunes and Bandcamp.

Following the musical success, their original song, What Makes You Sad, was used at the ending of the 2022 winter finale episode of the ABC series The Good Doctor.

Besides making music and sharing jam sessions with followers on Instagram, Nicotine Dolls also announced their 2023 Tour across America.

Sam Cieri’s social media shows that leaving America’s Got Talent immensely attributed to his growth.

Additionally, he was briefly indulged in filmmaking. After touring with a Broadway musical and doing theaters for a couple of years, he worked on movies under OutaLine Productions.

Sam produced the web series “It Lives In My Closet” and directed a few music videos for his band, including The Madness and Burning a Good Thing.