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Reel to Real Life Romance: Who Is Freema Agyeman’s Boyfriend?

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Freema Agyeman prefers to keep her personal life away from the limelight of the media. The British actress has remained mum about her relationship and has not revealed who her current boyfriend is.

Freema Agyeman [Photo: Instagram]

However, it has been known that Freema Agyeman was in a relationship with Luke Roberts. That’s not it!

Before getting into a relationship with Luke Roberts, Freeman Agyeman had a boyfriend named James, who worked as an estate agent.

According to the reports by Meaww, the two started dating in 2007. Further, Freema described him, saying, “James is really supportive and having him around reminds me of how fantastic it all is.”

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Freema Agyeman’s Relation with Luke Roberts

It’s no surprise the professional life of a celebrity is fascinating, but their love life is what grabs the attention of the public and media. It goes the same for English actress Freema Agyeman.

She gained massive popularity after her appearance in New Amsterdam. Her relationship with Max was loved by many of her fans on the hit series. Since then, many of her fans have been wondering if the English actress has a Max in real life.

Freema Agyeman And Luke Roberts [Photo: Instagram]

Although Freema has not confirmed her relationship status, she was spotted on numerous occasions with Luke Roberts. However, she does not hesitate to show her affection for the English actor on social media.

She posted a picture of Luke on her Instagram account in September 2015, which was captioned, “It’s Saturday evening. We don’t wanna go out. So my boy is baking me a cake!!! 😍 Blondies to be precise! Thank you cake Gods, thank you!! 😛💪.”

Likewise, she also shared a picture with Roberts and two other ladies and captioned it, saying, “#LukeRoberts and his 3 partners!!! Real partner, professional partner & TV ex-wife!!”

Is James Freema’s Ex-boyfriend? Is She Still Together with Luke?

Freema Agyeman dated her ex-boyfriend James before she became a star in the entertainment industry. According to the report by the Mirror, the English actress shared how James motivated her during the early phase of her career.

Freema expressed, “I go home and I have him squealing with excitement that I’m in a magazine or that he just heard me on the radio.” Freema added she loved spending time with her boyfriend after they moved in together. She went on to share that he was a good cook and how they spent their time playing DVDs.

However, despite having a close relationship with each other’s family, the pair broke up for undisclosed reasons. On the other hand, the relationship between Luke and Freema has remained a mystery. As of yet, they have not made any official comment on the subject.

Nonetheless, the two did not stop to share their affection for each other as they kept featuring one another on their Instagram. In one of her posts, Freema referred to Luke as bae, as she captioned the picture, “When bae only has one single day off work you gotta get ’em in!!! …aaaaaaand go!!!!🏁”

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Freema Agyeman Relation with Ryan Eggold in New Amsterdam

Freema played the role of Helen Sharpe in New Amsterdam for four seasons. Fans loved her for her relationship with Max Goodwin, portrayed by Ryan Eggold.

One of her iconic moments was when she did not show up to their romantic rooftop wedding. Instead, her character left Max at the altar and decided to stay in London.

Freema Agyeman On The Set Of New Amsterdam [Photo: Instagram]

In her letter, she revealed what she did was unforgivable, and all she had was the desperate hope that time would heal both of them.

Despite the hopes of the fans, Helen and Max did not end up together. Eventually, Max got over his former fiance and left New Amsterdam with his new girlfriend, Dr. Elizabeth Wilder.

No matter what happened in the show, fans loved Freema and Ryan’s characters. Netizens even made a fan account on Instagram with the username ‘sharpwin.’

In real-life, Freema and Ryan are really good friends. She used to share several snaps from the set, which were evident in how close they were.

So, no wonder fans shipped them.