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Marielle Hadid Split From Ex-Husband & Found Love Again

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Marielle Hadid had divorced her ex-husband, Sammy Aflalo, with whom she shared two children.

The couple parted ways, but she again found love once more with a new guy. The internet personality fell in love with Jack Halloran.

Hadid shared their numerous intimate pictures on her Instagram. Currently, she resides in LA, California, spending time with her boyfriend and two children.

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Split from Her Ex-husband

Marielle Hadid tied the knot with her ex-husband at some point in her life. The couple shared two beautiful children – one son, Colton Afalo, and a lovely daughter Coco Afalo.

Nothing has been divulged by her, such as when she married or when she had her first child. But later, they chose to split up from each other.

The reasons are unknown, although the couple appeared to be together until the beginning of 2019.

Her father, Mohamed Hadid, had lunch with her son and her ex-husband in January of the year. She penned in the comments area, “Cute boys lunch.”

However, things might have ended in early 2020 because Hadid shared her first picture with her boyfriend on December 2020.

Her Sister Wished Her Ex-Husband Happy Birthday

Back in 2016, Hadid biological sister Alana Hadid also wished him on his birthday back in 2016. She shared his pictures and penned, “Happy birthday, @sammyaflalo, you are a great bro. And I love this pic of you.”

She sent him her best wishes via post, wishing him a year filled with happiness, joy, laughter, success, and surprises.

Alana also praised him for always being a caring, kind father to the children and for making her sister Marielle happy.

Marielle Hadid’s sister Alana wished happy birthday to her ex-husband Sammy Aflalo [Photo: Instagram]

In the end, she hoped that the year exceeded his expectations and made him happy. In the comments section, people wished him a happy birthday.

Found Her Love Again in Jack Halloran

Marielle Hadid ultimately found her love again in a new guy named Jack Halloran after her divorce from her ex-husband.

Due to Jack’s initial post with her in December, the charming couple might have met in the second half of 2020.

Jack shared a picture of her as she was going out of his house. He penned in the caption, “Never wanna see you go.”

Later he shared her picture on Valentine’s Day of 2021. He penned in the caption that she made the world a better place for him and made his heart race.

Furthermore, he desired for her to join him on all of his adventures. “From the first time you looked at me I knew…it had to be u,” he wrapped up the caption.

Marielle Hadid and her boyfriend Jack Halloran [Photo: Instagram]

Marielle also commented on the post, saying, “Love you babe.” On the post, her sister Alana also penned, “Awwwww,” with heart emoji.

Netizens were happy for him, whereas one user wrote, “So happy for you my beautiful, kind friend.” Another user penned, “You gots a girlfriend! So sweet.”

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Celebrated Her Birthday Together in September 2021

Marielle Hadid shared the first picture with her boyfriend, Jack, on her Instagram profile in December 2020.

The adorable couple celebrated Christmas together. “All is calm,” she wrote in the caption. Then she began to post his pictures constantly.

In September 2021, the pair also celebrated her birthday in Beverly Hills, California, with family and friends.

Hadid thanked him for the magical birthday vibes and the loving messages from her loved ones. In the end, she penned, “I feel so lucky and loved. New moon, new trip around the sun.”

Everyone wished her happy birthday in the comment section.

Marielle Hadid and her boyfriend, Jack Halloran, celebrated her birthday with family and friends [Photo: Instagram]

After a year, in 2022, the internet personality also wished him on his birthday in November. The perfect couple shared endearing moments often.

The pair recently went on a trip and enjoyed some quality time on Valentine’s Day.