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Is Michael T. Weiss Married? Internet Has Conflicting Information

Dinesh Shrestha


While fans continue to wonder if their favorite actor from notable projects like Days of Our Lives, The Pretender, Michael T. Weiss, is married, over a couple of decades ago, he was noticed attending several events together with a woman.

Photography sites even mentioned her as his wife. Also, that was not the first time. He also attended other events together with different women, and one of them was also called his spouse by those sites.

Is Michael Married to Someone?

Online stock photography sites like Getty Images and Alamy posted a picture mentioning his wife in the caption.

First, Michael and a woman were spotted together during Peta’s Party of the Century in 1999. Michael dressed entirely in black, while his noted wife looked lovely in a black and red ensemble.

The picture was covered by Alamy mentioning her as his wife in the caption. The event took place in Los Angeles, California, USA.

American actor Michael T. Weiss [Photo: Facebook]

Later in 2001, he attended the event with another woman wearing a matching dress with a black outfit. At that time, the two attended the 41st Monte-Carlo Television Festival in Monte-Carlo, Monaco.

Getty Images posted the picture and also mentioned her as his wife. However, the names of both women have not been revealed.

Also, according to LiveRampUp, the actor has been happily married. However, the identity of his spouse remains a mystery.

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Michael’s Plans on Having Babies

In an interview in the Summer of 1998 with Howie Mandel, Michael was asked if he was actively involved being an environmental association member and if he drove an electric member in LA.

Then he replied, “I am a member of the ECO committee (Earth Communication Office). I think you must treat our planet with benevolence and justice.” He lived in Santa Monica then and didn’t even dare to swim in the sea.

“I think it is horrible! I don’t claim to be the perfect ecologist militant, but I think that any of us at our level can and must do whatever is possible,” he professed.

Later the Interviewer asked when the actor would have children and if he would teach them the same values.

He replied, “Certainly. If my philosophy is to enjoy each moment, it doesn’t mean you must neglect the future.” The actor further added,

“Even if I am conscious that it is more convenient to use disposal diapers than to wash and reuse cloth diapers! Who knows… maybe we’ll find a way one day to have selfcleaning babies! That day maybe I will have kids!”

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Melissa Reeves Had a Maddest Crush on Him During Her Teenage

American actress Melissa Reeves once had a crush on Michael T. Weiss. She has worked with Weiss a couple of times.

Reeves gave an audition for the Television show Days of Our Lives, where she was cast as Michael’s sister.

“It was a scene with Mike Horton, played by Michael T. Weiss. I got to test with him, though I had the maddest crush on him,” she stated in an Interview with We Love Soaps.

Michael T. Weiss [Photo: Facebook]

She was 18 years old at that time. The actress professed, “Who is this guy? I am in love with Michael Weiss! He’s going to be my brother, I’m so excited.” Michael told her after the test, “You’re going to get it, you were great.”

Two days later, she discovered that she had received the part. She added, “I was so excited, and I got to work with Michael every day and just stare at him. It was so funny.”

The two had so much chemistry that the filmmakers told them that they shouldn’t have made brother and sister. Then she said, “Okay,” I said, “I’ll stop staring at him.”