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Netizens Disapprove of Zach Choi’s Supposed Girlfriend – A Dive Into His Dating Life

Binesh Shrestha


Sometime before 2020, Zach Choi uploaded a mukbang video with his supposed girlfriend, FairyAlexx. He had shared the video on his now-deleted Instagram post with the caption ‘Burger King with Bae’ followed by a love emoji.

As soon as people got the whiff of them dating one another, they unabashedly shared their disapproval on social media handles.

Who Is Zach Choi’s Supposed Girlfriend?

FairyAlexx is a popular social media star. She was born on November 12, 1996. The beautiful girl has amassed over 234K followers as of this writing. She is famous for her modeling photos and is also active on her OnlyFans account.

Zach’s alleged girlfriend, Alex, is a med student. [Source: Instagram]

She is a vegan and a medical student. She also has a twin sister named Ana, who too is famous with over 213K followers on Instagram. Like her sister, Ana is also an OnlyFans model.

In addition, the twin sisters have a Twitch account named Fairytwins. However, they are not very active on the streaming platform.

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Fans Expressed Their Disapproval on Social Media

As stated earlier, the moment Zach Choi posted with his alleged girlfriend, people flocked to Twitter to express their dissatisfaction.

Zach’s now deleted-Instagram post. [Source: YouTube]

One Twitter user specifically tweeted, ‘ZACH CHOI IS DATING THAT [expletive] I KNEW.’ Furthermore, the same user stated that both Alex and her twin sister Ana are scammers who fetishize Korean men in general.

Another Twitter user also quipped their disbelief, stating Alex is “literally so thirsty\desperate” for famous people and their money. While some were busy bashing Zach’s rumored boo, some were praying for him, saying he was dating a “crazy” girl.

Many folks were somewhat concerned about the pair’s age gap. All in all, there weren’t many who were happy with Zach Choi’s choice.

Are Zach Choi and Alex Still Together?

Since the now-deleted Insta post, Zach has never once mentioned his partner. Plus, Alex’s Instagram is filled with her photos and nothing else. So it is difficult to confirm if the supposed pair is still together.

Zach and Alex’s mukbang video has also been deleted from the YouTuber’s official channel. There are only re-uploads of the video posted by some fans and some videos reacting over the original one.

Besides that, there was yet another video of Choi and his potential partner eating spicy fire noodles.

However, there are fans who claim the duo has already broken up, and Zach deleted the video after their separation. Unfortunately, neither Zach nor Alex has confirmed their relationship or even break up.

Once, Zach uploaded a photo with the words “Til’ next time…” where he could be seen sunbathing with a lady. Unfortunately, he didn’t reveal the face of the woman nor tagged her in his post. The post came long after Zach’s linkage with Alex.

Speculations were made if Alex was the one sunbathing with Zach in the picture. Unfortunately, nothing has been confirmed.

Learn More about Zach Choi

As many might already know, Zach Choi is a well-known social media star from South Korea. He became famous from his YouTube channel Zach Choi ASMR, which now has 22.2 million subscribers with over 6 billion views.

In the world, Zach is one of the most famous ASMR content creators.

Over the years, Zach has collaborated with many big names in the mukbang world, such as Nikocado Avocado and Stephanie Choo. Not just them, but the 36-year-old has also featured Benny Blanco, an American record producer, and Marshmello.

Zach was once pulled into controversy when Stephanie Choo accused Nikocado of bullying her when Zach had invited both of them for a collaboration.

All in all, until and unless Zach himself comes forward and clears the rumors about his dating life, a clouded mystery surrounding his relationship will remain.