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Chelcie Lynn and Her Husband Are Still Going Strong

Himal Ale Magar


Chelcie Lynn is renowned for her bold personality and outrageously humorous comedy skits. The comedian has been active on social media, and she flaunts her married life with her husband Greg Melton.

The pair regularly post videos on Chelcie’s youtube channel with distinctive themes, which are both funny and entertaining.

Chelcie Lynn on How She Met Her Husband

“The year was 2005.. I had just turned 18, I was going to college…. he was at a college two hours away,” said Chelcie when she recalled the time when she met her husband for the first time.

In a video that was uploaded to her YouTube channel on July 2018, the actress and stand-up comedian sat down with her husband and decided to share their story with the viewers.

Chelcie Lynn With Greg Melton [Photo: Facebook]

Similar to most couples, the two met through the means of Facebook. Chelcie revealed that she started using Facebook at a time when it was just beginning, and only those who went to college could use it.

She further added, “Facebook back… they had suggested friend in the side.. and I saw this boy, in this football uniform.. my heart started plapating.. and i said i want all of it.”

She then sent a friend request to him, and he took no time accepting it. Greg then responded to her request and took a chance with his shot by texting, “I like your eyes, they really draw me.”

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Chelcie Lynn And Greg Melton Are Still Married

After the exchange of “cheesy pickup lines” on Facebook, the two continued to talk with each other. Regarding their connection, Chelcie shared that there was no lust in the beginning, and it was just pure conversations that shaped their healthy relationship.

Eventually, the high school sweethearts got married in May 2010. The wedding was attended by their close friends and family.

Chelcie Lynn With Greg Melton [Photo: Facebook]

It was been 13 years since they got married, and the couple is still happily married. Chelcie had shared her affection for her husband in one of her Facebook posts.

The picture was uploaded in June 2018, which revealed the couple was stopping by Elvis Presley’s house during their anniversary trip.

Recently, the two were featured in a Youtube video together where they ate fries, smoothies, and onion rings from Culver’s.

Who Is Chelcie Lynn’s Husband?

Chelcie’s husband, Greg Melton, is a multi-talented man. According to his Facebook Profile, Greg is originally from Ennis, Texas. Currently, Greg and his wife, Chelcie, live in San Diego, California.

Regarding his educational background, Greg graduated from Ennis High School and went on to study General Science at Navarro College. Further, he studied Computer Science at South Eastern Oklahoma State University.

Recently, Chelcie’s husband earned a Master’s degree in Biomedical/Medical Engineering from Case Western Reserve University and worked as Failure Analysis Engineer at Snapdragon.

Besides, Greg operated as a Former Teaching assistant at Southeastern Oklahoma State University. Currently, she works as a Staff Failure Analysis Engineer at Qualcomm.

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Chelcie Lynn’s Career Highlights

The comedian started her career on social media platform called Vine. It was a video-sharing platform that launched her career to what it is now.

Chelcie took to the platform to share comedy skits and clips that demonstrated her sense of humor. She is known for her character “Trailer Trash Tammy.”

However, after the decline of Vine, Checlie transitioned to Youtube and launched her channel in the year 2016. Besides, her alter ego character was inspired by Charlize Theron’s portrayal of Aileen in the movie Monster.


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One of her hit skits so far was the video ‘Man slams door in trick-or-treaters face!!! (Trailer Trash Tammy)’, which had attained 10 million views on Youtube.

After her breakout, Chelcie won some roles in big-screen productions as well. Chelcie appeared as Madam Jilian in the movie Tangerine in 2015.

Due to her talent as a natural comedian, Chelcie was listed in the Top 10 Comics to Watch for in 2021 by Variety Magazine.