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Was the Masterchef Winner Tiffany Derry Married Twice?

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Tiffany Derry, who is well-versed in a cooking competition, was married to her ex-husband Mark Mitchell. According to the report by Gossip Next Door, the former couple met in 2010.

Mitchel patiently supported Tiffany’s dreams and passions. He was everything she had wished for, from helping her at work to supporting her career, he was Tffany’s dream husband.

Unfortunately, their marriage could not last long. So, the two got divorced in 2018.

Tiffany Derry [Post: Instagram]

After Tiffany’s separation from her ex-husband, she focused on her career to achieve the goals she had always planned for. Besides, fate had other plans as she met William F Johnson, whose arrival changed her life for good.

Tiffany’s Married Life with Mark Mitchell

Before they got their divorce for undisclosed reasons, the couple seemed happy and content with each other.

Gossip Next Door claimed Mitchell commented on Tiffany’s post in 2012, which read, “Many nights I wish I could tale my wife out but I know you following your dreams.”

So, it was obvious that their relationship was not always stagnant but was filled with love and adoration for each other. Moreover, Mitchell even helped Tiffany’s friend Diane Fourton with the opening of Peacon Lodge 2.0.

As for their children, the ex-spouse has a son named Jaren Mitchell. Despite getting divorced, the ex-couple might have co-parented their kid.

Tiffany Derry With Son Jaren Mitchell [Photo: Instagram]

Furthermore, Derry often shows off her affection for him on social media.

In one of her Instagram posts, Tiffany wished her son with the caption, “Love you Forever Baby Boy!!! You are the Best Gift I’ve been blessed to receive. Love you with all my heart. I can’t even believe you’re 23 that means I’m…… you know what never mind. Happy Birthday Son.”

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Is Tiffany Derry Married to William F Johnson?

After getting divorced from her ex-husband Mark Mitchell, the celebrity chef started dating William F Johnson. After three years of dating, the couple finally got engaged in 2021.

Tiffany Derry announced the news on her Instagram. She posted a short clip of the proposal where she wrote that she was thankful for every day, but especially that day.

Tiffany further added William got on his knees and asked for her hand, and she could not wait to be Mrs. Johnson.

Tiffany Derry With Her Fiance William F Johnson [Photo: Instagram]

Her fiance works as a certified public accountant and operates his own accounting firm William F Johnson, CPA, in Dallas, Texas.

Besides, William is very supportive of Tiffany. One of the few examples is when he asked his family and friends to watch the Tournament of Champions season 3, where Tiffany had to compete with 31 other contestants.

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Trip to France Changed Tiffany’s Life

The American celebrity chef and restaurateur is from Port Allen, Baton Rouge, Louisiana. According to the report of Mashed, Tiffany’s grandmother had 11 children.

She revealed that her grandmother was a single parent, which meant everyone had to learn to cook.

Additionally, She said, “I didn’t start cooking professionally until I was 15. I went to cook at IHOP, and I walked in the door and I said, “I want to be a cook.”

Further, after culinary school, Tiffany went to the Art Institute of Houston and went on a trip to France.

She claimed that it had changed her life and her view on food. Tiffany said it had inspired her to pursue her passion for cooking and started working with Chef Mark Holley.

Moreover, Tiffany revealed he was the first black chef she had ever met, and working with him was inspiring for her.