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Inga Schlingmann’s Husband Works in the Medical Field

Prasiddha Gautam


Inga Schlingmann, the stunning actress, has made her name for herself in the entertainment industry. Not only her acting career is flourishing, but her marital life with her husband also seems to be going well.

Well, although they work in different fields now, the couple seem to get along quite well. No wonder they have been going strong for over a half-decade now.

Inga’s Husband is a Multi-Talented Guy

The handsome lad, Matthew Akiyama, went to McGill University in 2000. Four years later, in 2004, he graduated with a B.Sc. in Microbiology & Immunology degree. He also minored in Social Studies of Medicine.

Then. he attended UCL, from where he graduated in 2005 with a M.Sc. in Medical Anthropology. He currently works as an Associate Professor of Medicine at Albert Einstein College of Medicine.

Inga enjoying a tennis match with Matthews [Photo- Instagram]

He also has been working as an Attending Physician at Montefiore Health System since July 2015, the same year he started working at Albert Einstein College of Medicine.

Prior to that, he was an Infectious Disease Fellow at NYU Langone Medical Center, an Internal Medicine Resident at the University of Hawaii, and even worked for Global Health Effectiveness at Harvard School of Public Health.

Matthew has followed in his parents’ footsteps in the medical field, as both of them are certified doctors. His dad, Dr. Ian J. Akiyama, is a dentist at Yonge & Englington Dentistry in Toronto.

Likewise, his mom, Dr. Penny L. G. Watson, is a psychotherapist and general practitioner in Toronto.

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Has Spoken Extensively about His Professional Works

In January 2022, Akiyama discussed in a video how formerly incarcerated people had a higher risk for COVID-19 since they lived in crowded settings such as group homes and homeless shelters.

Matthews, as the representative of Infectious Disease Fellow, said that some of the huge outbreaks of COVID-19 occurred in the prisons and jails of the US.

Matthews then conveyed the good news that an organization named NIH had provided a $3.4 million grant.

The donation was made to study whether giving increased access to on-site COVID-19 testing, education at community health organizations, and high-quality masks to those people would reduce the spread of SARS-CoV-2.

Not only that, but he has also written about intensive models of Hepatitis C and its treatments. While he shares a lot about his professional work, Inga’s hubby keeps information about his personal life to himself.

He has kept his Instagram private, but his wife often shares some amazing moments from their vacation. They often travel to different countries.

Nevertheless, the couple seems to be living their best lives together.

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She Met Her Husband at a Hospital

Inga Schlingman tied the knot with her beau, Matthew, on September 23, 2017. Her wedding took place in the flourishing city of Toronto, Canada.

Their related field of interest and studies had brought them together in the bustling city of Manhattan. They met at the Women’s Health Center at Lutheran Medical Center.

She was working there as a lactation consultant and birth doula. Matthew was a third-year medical student who was there as a part of clinical rotations.

Inga enjoyed Christmas with her Husband [Photo- Instagram]

Inga, who has gained immense popularity as an actress, had also studied pre-med during her days at New York University. After her four years at NYU, she began working full-time as an AmeriCorps member with the Lutheran Medical Center.

The fated encounter between them blossomed into a deep connection that has stood the test of time.