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Martha Sugalski Never Gave Up on Love Even After Two Divorces

Himal Ale Magar


The Orlando news Anchor Martha Sugalski has been married twice in her life. Unfortunately, both of her marriages ended with divorce.

From her two marriages, Martha has mothered six children, three from each. Having been through two divorces, she never gave up on love. Meaning she is happily dating her current beau.

Third Time’s the Charm?

Martha currently enjoys a blissful life with her beau, Leland Liebe. She has not kept her relationship private, as she does not hesitate to share her love and affection for him on her social media.

The news Anchor can be seen posting their picture on Instagram. In one of her posts, she wrote, “Unbelievable first day at Bobby’s Cabin! The vineyards, beautiful scenery, weather perfect! Up next…tubing! Stay tuned…”

Martha Sugalski And Leland [Photo: Instagram]

Besides, Martha and Leland do not have any kids, but he has a good relationship with her six kids.

For instance, in one of Martha’s Instagram posts, the couple can be seen enjoying their weekend with the triplets on the beach.

Nevertheless, the duo appears to be smitten and madly in love with one another. Only time will tell if they decide to take the next step in their relationship.

Martha’s Partner Is an Adjunct Professor

According to Leland’s Linkedin profile, he is a volunteer, educator, and American soldier. The former American soldier graduated from National Intelligence University in 1998.

Additionally, Martha’s lover is a graduate of Master of Arts in National Security and Strategic Studies from U.S Naval War College.

Martha Sugalski [Photo: Instagram]

Currently, Leland works as an Adjunct Professor at the Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. He has also been the Founder and Chief Executive Office of StrykeForce Solutions.

He has vast experience working in United Way of Broward County, SmartWater CSI, Special Operations Command South, and others.

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Martha’s Married Life with Her Second Husband

Before meeting Leland, the WFTV-Channel 9 anchor Martha Sugalski was married to her ex-husband Robert Reich. The former duo exchanged their wedding vows on May 30, 2009, in Winter Park.

The duo met in 2007 on a blind date and dated for a few years before getting married. However, despite a happy start to their marriage, their path to parenthood was not easy.

According to Orlando Sentinel, Reich and Martha tried for two years to have a baby and start a family. She took fertility drugs in hopes of conceiving a baby, which caused numerous bruises and made her bloated.

Sadly, despite their best hopes, Martha suffered a miscarriage in 2011. She shared it was one of the toughest things she’d been through. But they never gave up and finally got pregnant with not one but three babies.

Martha Sugalski Pregnant With The Triplets [Photo: Instagram]

Martha and Reich were blessed with their triplets, a daughter Holden Reich, and sons, Wilder Reich and Heaton Reich, on June 20, 2013.

As per the report by Orlando Sentinel, Martha said, “I’m incredibly thankful that they’re healthy and they’re here, and I realize how lucky I am that all three of them made it.”

Marriage Ended with Ugly Divorce Battle

Regardless of their hardship and joy of having triplets after their marriage, a contentious feud started to arise between the former couple. As per the reports by Orlando Sentinel, Reich said the marriage was irretrievably broken as he sued for divorce on July 10, 2019.

Robert sought temporary spousal support, while Martha also sought temporary and permanent alimony.

As per the same report, Reich’s lawyer said Robert Reich estimated Martha made at least five times what he earned per year, which was approximately $96,000/year gross.

The lawyer further added despite requests for financial assistance by Reich to wife Martha, she had refused to comply.

Martha Sugalski With Her Children [Photo: Instagram]

Further, Martha countersued in August as she claimed Reich tried to forge her signature to move and dispose of some of her retirement assets.

Additionally, Martha claimed that she knew about one failed attempt by her husband to take a loan in her name. The motion added that the husband had a financial need, and the wife had the ability to pay.

Martha’s ex-husband also put the value of their Longwood home at $1.5 million. Martha asked the court to determine how their assets would be distributed, including a ranch, land in Montana, their marital home, and many businesses owned by Reich.

Furthermore, she also asked the court to seal the file in its entirety due to the public nature of her work and how the court proceeding might tarnish her name.

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Martha Was Married to a Sportscaster

Martha was married to sportscaster Craig Minervini, her first husband. Her former hubby is a sportscaster who serves as a host of Marlins Live and Panthers Live.

The former couple welcomed three children together. Martha and Craig’s babies, Chase Minervini, Spencer Minervini, and Maxwell Minervini, have already grown up.

Unfortunately, Craig and Martha got divorced in 2005. However, the reason behind their separation has not been revealed.