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Anna Enger Ritch Has a Loving Husband

Himal Ale Magar


In recent years, The Haunting of Hill House star Anna Enger Ritch has only shared about his professional works on her social media handles. She also has not talked about it in any interviews.

While she has revealed she is a proud mother, her love life remains somehow hidden. As a result, fans are often questioning about her relationship status.

A Decade Long Married Life With Her Husband

Not many know, but the Philippines-American actress is a married woman. She has shared wedding vows with her partner, Robb Ritch. However, the couple has not shared details regarding how their relationship blossomed into a married life.

Her husband celebrates his birthday in August, and the actress wished him on Facebook in 2014 and thanked him for being a wonderful husband and her hero.

Anna With Her Husband Robb [Photo: Facebook]

The two welcomed their son Ryder in December 2010. He celebrated his 10th birthday in December 2017. Further, Anna’s husband wished Ryan on Facebook in 2022 with a series of pictures. Robb expressed that he was proud of the man he was becoming.

On the other hand, the couple also have a daughter named Kalea, who celebrates her birthday in July. Ryder and Kalea have a lovely bond with each other.

As they were growing up, the siblings spent most of their time together and admired each other’s company.

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Her Husband Is a Family Man

Ann’s partner, Robb, is an individual who likes to enjoy quality time with his family. Over the years, the couple has spent their holidays together in several attractive locations. For instance, Ann and her family went to Hawaii in April 2015.

Further, the actress’s husband is deeply affectionate about their son and daughter. He likes to engage himself in outdoor activities with his son Ryder.

Anna With Her Husband And Children [Photo: Facebook]

For instance, Robb has taught him to play baseball and swimming. Moreover, the two have also gone on fishing and surfing together and had a lovely time with each other.

Besides, the actress’ partner is a wonderful son; he has expressed gratitude for his dad on Father’s Day and thanked him for being a role model.

Born to Interracial Parents

The actress was born in the Phillippines and raised on the Pacific Island of Guam. She is the second eldest child among six children of her Filipino mother and Norwegian father.

Her mother’s name is Grace Lowe. She attended St. Mary’s Academy and completed her bachelor’s in Social Work at the University of Guam.

Anna’s Parents Enjoying Their Holiday [Photo: Facebook]

On the other hand, Ann’s father is Kevin Lowe; he is active on social media but keeps his profile relatively low.

Nonetheless, the actress’ parents are still happily married after all these years. They travel to several places together, and her mom shares snaps of those places on her Facebook.

Besides, Ann has had a strong bond with her sisters growing up. Moreover, Similar to herself, one of her sisters, Amee Enger, is a model pursuing a career in the entertainment industry.

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Almost Gave up on Her Acting Career

Ann had a humble beginning, as her family lived in a remote village. It is where she learned to face adversity and to be resilient.

The absence of opportunities and resources challenged her vision of a career in acting. But, the actress did not let it discourage her.

The celebrity’s family moved to Savannah, GA when she was 14. So, Ann had to adjust to the difference in culture and focus harder to pursue her career in acting.

Eventually, Ann’s determination came to fruition, and she was invited to perform Shakespeare in Lincoln Center, NYC.

The actress later moved to Los Angeles at the age of 21. At the time, she spent most of her time finishing her resume to casting officers across town.

She also used to bartending to make ends meet while also attending nursing school. With no success in finding acting projects, she considered changing her career and focusing solely on her growing family.

When she was three months pregnant, Anna returned to GA with her hubby, thinking her dream of being a professional actress was over. But life had a different plan stored in for her.

Years later, she is now a successful actress. She has appeared in hit series such as Life Sentence and The Haunting of Hill House.

Thanks to the support that her hubby and family provided and her hard work, she’s now a highly sought after and accomplished actress.