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Average Joe’s Malcolm Barrett’s On-Screen Wife is His Real-Life Girlfriend

Prasiddha Gautam


Malcolm Barrett and Cynthia Kaye McWilliams have starred in the TV series Average Joe as a married couple. Moreover, they are also boyfriend and girlfriend in real life.

Well, Barrett plays the role of a storekeeper in a hardware store, and his reel wife plays the role of a crime and thrill-loving spouse who doesn’t even let him breathe for a moment and plans to divorce.

Cynthia Loves Malcolm as an Individual and a Performer

The actress loves her beau as an individual and has also acknowledged him because of his performance on the set.

Moreover, Cynthia knew Malcolm even before their first encounter and had admired his acting skills. The 41-year-old has told the actor, “You’re America’s favorite lovable nerd.”

Malcolm Barrett and his girlfriend Cynthia while attending an event. [Photo: Malcoml’s Instagram]

When Cynthia was asked if she felt weird about creating a fictional relationship with her real boyfriend, she said that it was a new experience. Further, she emphasized that it was a pleasure for her.

The beautiful lady loved Malcolm’s role in Timeless and Better Off Ted and conveyed that he is a versatile actor.

Cynthia has also said that Malcolm has the skill to surprise with the stories that he creates without initial preparation and takes the story to another level.

She loves watching him, working with him, and appreciates the support that Malcolm has given her as an actor.

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Malcolm and Cynthia on Their Movie Habits

Cynthia and her man have watched a lot of shows together. She always wants to spree-watch the show, whereas her boyfriend likes to talk about the film after it finishes.

Then the actor joked that “his girlfriend likes to talk about the show during the show.” After a huge laugh, she raised her hands and humorously admitted that she was guilty.

Further, their show Average Joe‘s episodes literally end on a cliffhanger, making the audiences want to spree-watch the episodes. The watchers would end up talking about the show until the next episode.

That was the main goal of making the show. The talented star didn’t want his series to be as easily digestible as the rest of the television shows.

Besides that, Malcolm and Cynthia haven’t shared any pictures together outside the events. Further, the duo hasn’t mentioned their relationship status on social platforms.

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Meet Malcolm’s Girlfriend, Cynthia, an Actor and Voiceover Artist

Cynthia Kaye McWilliams was born on January 15, 1982, in the city of Berlin. Her father was in the military and had married her mother at a young age.

She wasn’t a lone child, as her parents already had a son during their late teens.

Malcolm’s girlfriend was born in Germany [Photo- Cynthia’s Instagram]

But, she didn’t stay in Berlin for a long time, as the actress moved to Kansas City. Eventually, Cynthia graduated from the honorable Theater School of DePaul University.

She started her productive career while playing a supporting role in Warner Brothers’ The Lake House.

Then Cynthia played another recurring role on FOX’s Prison Break and, after that, took a major leap, landing a lead role in the pilot.

She then moved to Los Angeles in pursuit of her dream job and had the chance to play in a sitcom as the wife to Damon Wayans in a CBS pilot.

Even though her dream job didn’t last long, she got into a series regular on the NAACP award-winning comedy Real Husbands of Hollywood, along with Kevin Hart.

After that, she continued to star the roles in series like Prince of Peoria, Coyote, Real Husbands, and many more.

Cynthia is a multi-talented lady because, along with acting, she is also a Voiceover Actress.

The 41-year-old has lent her voice to video games and countless commercials. She is the voice of Gamora in Marvel’s What If, Ms. Jackson in Disney’s Hailey’s On It, and Netflix’s animated series The Witcher.