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Prasiddha Gautam


Jeremiah Watkins Has Only Been With One Lady, That’s His Wife

Prasiddha Gautam

Jeremiah Watkins is living a wonderful life with his wife Maja Watkins. The pair have welcomed two sons and are enjoying their family life.


OnlyJayus Was Cheated In the Past, But Now Has a Lovely Partner

Prasiddha Gautam

OnlyJayus, who claimed to be cheated by her former partner, has moved on to a new relationship. Her current partner is Brittany Dejardo.


Did Adam Ferrone’s Wife Turn Down His Proposal At First?

Prasiddha Gautam

Adam Ferrone is enjoying his life with his wife Allison Ferrone. The pair has been together for many years now. Look at their love story.


Dr. John & His Wife, Sheila Delony: 26 Years and Still Going Strong

Prasiddha Gautam

Dr. John Delony & wife, Sheila Delony, are celebrating 26 years of successful marriage. Learn the secret to their marital bliss!


Andrew Bustamante and His Wife Are Both Former Spies

Prasiddha Gautam

Andrew Bustamante first met his wife, Jihi Bustamante, in an orientation. They now share two children after leaving their lives as spies.


Ndotspinalot’s Real Name Was Exposed on YouTube

Prasiddha Gautam

Did you know that Ndotspinalot's real name has been topic of discussion among many? Further know about his age and nationality.


Emma Lovewell and Her Boyfriend Enjoyed Their First Trip to Italy

Prasiddha Gautam

Emma Lovewell is enjoying a blissful relationship with her boyfriend Dave Clark. The duo had a great time in Italy.


Is the Lady Seen With Spencer Lofranco at Gotti Premier His Wife?

Prasiddha Gautam

Spencer Lofranco had attended the Gotti premiere with a beautiful lady. The duo looked perfect for one another. Is she his wife?


Luis J. Gomez’s Girlfriend Said That He Owes Her Child Support

Prasiddha Gautam

Luis J. Gomez has a humorous girlfriend who posts funny things on her Twitter account. Did you know they have dated for 5 years?


Josh Kiszka’s Revelation about Having a Same-Sex-partner

Prasiddha Gautam

Josh Kiszka has a same-sex partner with whom he has been together for eight years. He revealed his sexuality via an Instagram post.