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Alexis Louder’s Relationship with Her Boyfriend

Nizz Sharma


The phenomenal actress of the action-packed drama CopShop, Alexis Louder, is currently very secretive about her dating scenes. But previously, she has had a happy, lovely, and public relationship with her partner, which is confirmed on her Instagram.

Alexis’ early 2010s IG posts are all full of her relationship with her boyfriend, whom she described as ‘awesome’ on Twitter (now, X).

Alexis’ Publicly Known Partner

The actress was in a relationship with a karate trainer, Darryl W. Carter, and she was public about it until 2015

The couple started dating in June 2011. A 2014 post on Instagram by Alexis marks their three-year anniversary, featuring a photo of them holding each other’s hands.

In another post from the same year, both can even be seen kissing in New York Timesquare. Plus, there are a lot of cute moments she has posted for memories, from her partner’s haircut to his birthday.

During the same time, on Twitter, Alexis also used to tweet about him and their relationship, but without disclosing her partner’s name.

She has expressed in her tweets about how happy he made her feel, how much she missed him, and many more.

Furthermore, Alexis used to tag Darryl in many of her IG posts, and her family members were quite familiar with him. He also used to get along with the actress’s family members at dinners as well as other special occasions.

She even posted a group photo of Darryl, her brother, and her father, quoting, “3 of my favorite men. :-)” on her graduation.

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Who is Darryl W. Carter?

Darryl W. Carter is a law enforcement officer as well as an entrepreneur who owns and operates Carter Karate Academy, located in North Carolina.

Born in January 1992, Darryl started training in taekwondo at the early age of eight. Then, at fifteen, he started his journey in karate and proceeded to earn a 4th-degree black belt.

Currently, he is also actively working to push forward self-defense sports by organizing various events and seminars. Aligning to his mission, his academy provides various martial arts, karate, and taekwondo training courses.

Alexis’ partner, Darryl Carter, in his training academy. [Source: Carter Karate’s Facebook]

Darryl’s last appearance on Alexis’ public post was in 2015.

And since then, neither of them has talked or posted regarding their relationship status. Moreover, on the current date, the actress doesn’t seem to follow him on Instagram.

Could it be that the couple parted ways to focus on their careers without publicly stating about the end of their relationship?

Well, Alexis’ 2011 tweet saying, ‘I want that “Damn yall still together?” type relationship’ suggests that she was longing for a long-term and happy partnership.

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Alexis’ Views Regarding a Happy Relationship

Being a follower of Jesus herself, Alexis believes that strong and lasting relationships have a Christian foundation, and she also desires to have one.

Similarly, she has retweeted someone’s tweet saying, “A great relationship is about two things: first, find out the similarities, second, respect the differences.” One of her other replies says that all relationships go through stuff, but real ones get through stuff.

Alexis Louder tweets thoughts about real relationships. [Source: Twitter]

Furthermore, in an interview with Ozmagazine, Alexis shared how keenly she wanted women to be confident and independent in marriage and parenthood in order to make a dynamic partnership without losing themselves in the midst of life.

In the same interview, she expressed her desire to fall in love in a movie. Her acting career is packed with action thriller dramas, but she also loves watching romcom movies and, thus, wants to get featured in one.

Hopefully, Alexis finds a good romantic tale to sign up for, and may her real-life tale come true the way she desires.