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Lizze Broadway’s Boyfriend Almost Destroyed Their Relationship

Himal Ale Magar


By the age of seventeen, Lizze Broadway had already known her boyfriend, Tanner Buchanan, for six years. Throughout the years, they have had an on-off relationship.

Well, the duo had broken up briefly, and in recent times, their relationship seems uncertain as the actor did something unthinkable with his on-screen romance.

Lizze’s Boyfriend Kissed Addison Rae

After his romance in reel life with Addison Rae, Tanner’s fans wondered if the two celebrities had something brewing in real life.

The speculations gained momentum after their kiss at the 2021 MTV Awards. Well, it also nearly destroyed his relationship with Lizze.

Tanner and Addison’s intimate interaction during the presentation of the iconic award, aka Best Kiss, gained mixed emotions from their fans and followers.

On the other hand, although the actress did not make any official comment regarding the event, netizens thought she might have felt betrayed by her partner.

Further, despite their impromptu act, neither Tanner nor Addison came forward to explain their move. It might have just been an act to level up the excitement of the award show.

Besides, Addison laid the rumors to rest regarding her relationship with Tanner by announcing that she was dating Omar Fedi.

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Lizze and Tanner Had Previously Broken Up

Lizze and Tanner fell in love with each other when they were kids back in Ohio. Their teenage romance continued as they pursued their acting career in Hollywood.

The duo met for the first time when they were nine at a beach. Eventually, the lovely pair met again at their school and started to date.

However, at the age of 17, the couple decided to go their separate ways for a brief amount of time. According to the actor, his behavior caused Lizze to break up with him.

After driving her away from him, Tanner suffered proportionally. At the time, after their breakup, he cried himself to sleep every night for a month and a half.

The Couple Enjoys One Another’s Company. [Photo: Lizze & Tanner‘s YouTube]

Further, Tanner would watch The Fault in Our Stars for days as he was going through the breakup.

Besides, despite the painful experience, the two got back together. Recalling the event, the actor had forgotten how he got her back, but Tanner did not.

The actress said,

“He gave me an ultimatum, and I was too afraid to lose you; you’re like, ‘I can’t talk to you anymore if we don’t get back together.’ And I was like, being 17 because we’ve been together for six years now…”

The couple looked back at their experience and learned much about themselves. And as they’ve grown older, they hoped to mature and stay together.

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Are the Adorable Lovebirds Still Together?

In 2021, rumors started spreading among their fans that Lizze and Tanner were no longer together and had split up. The speculations started when both deleted their pictures from their social media.

Tanner’s infamous kiss with his co-star might have created conflict between the couple.

Nonetheless, in July 2021, the pair were spotted kissing each other on a balcony in Venice. Further, the actor also called Lizze his girlfriend in a video for GQ.

So, the two might still be together but could have decided to keep their relationship away from the limelight.

Lizze Broadway and Tanner Buchanan are taking a selfie with a fan. [Photo: The Street Interviewer‘s YouTube]

Both celebrities are known to be private individuals and do not reveal much about their love and personal life on social media platforms.

But, despite their preference, the actor had once featured Lizze in his Instagram post five years ago when she had come to visit him.

On the other hand, the two are not shy about their relationship and have made public appearances together. In 2019, the duo attended Comic-Con and even made a BTS video about their experience.