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Troy Bond Made Jokes on His Dad’s Ethnicity

Himal Ale Magar


Troy Bond’s comedy video is incomplete without him making fun of his parents, especially his dad’s ethnicity. On one such occasion, he joked about how his father told him to believe he was black and proud.

The video has been uploaded on his Tiktok account. For those who don’t know, Troy is one of the most popular stand-up comedians in the New York comedy scene. Born and raised in a multi-ethnic household, Troy’s comedy is often based on it.

Troy Bond’s Dad Used [expletive] Word on Him

The comedian has featured some images of his parents, Troy Bond Sr. and Michelle Bond, on his social media platform. Aforementioned, Troy does not hesitate to make fun of his father and his ethnicity.

For instance, he once mentioned that his father called him the [expletive] word on him. He shared the instance in one of his Instagram posts.

Troy Bond [Photo: Instagram]

According to his Instagram post, Troy had been called the [expletive] word by his father more than he has been called by his name.

Further, Troy added his father would turn into Uncle Ruckuss anytime someone other than him was late.

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Troy Bond on Growing Up with a Black Dad

Based in New York, Troy started writing jokes when he was 16. It was a year before he began pursuing his craft in comedy.

Eventually, he got the opportunity to perform at notable places like Broadway Comedy Club, Gotham Comedy Club, Village Comedy Club, and The Comic Strip Live. Gradually, he rose to fame in the New York comedy scene.

The comedian has experimented with numerous genres, which cover several subjects. It includes movie parodies, racism, and growing up in a multi-ethnic family.

In one of his skits, he joked about how his dad used to beat him and how he could have played the race card. Troy went on to joke that he learned white privilege at a young age.

Troy Bond Compared His Dad to Darth Vader

As a comedian, Troy has never missed the opportunity to add a little humor to his social media posts.

Troy did not hesitate to do the same, even when he wished his father a happy birthday. In December 2021, the comedian wrote a post on his Instagram account.

It was captioned, “*Katt Williams voice* whose god damn white baby is this? Happy birthday to my dad Troy Bond part 1.”

Troy With His Dad [Photo: Instagram]

Besides, some fans were even surprised by the fact his father was black. One user commented, “[sic] damn. ur dads actually back. i did NOT believe u”

Similarly, in another post, he shared a picture of himself and his dad on the first slide as he wrote, “How it’s going vs how it started, dad edition. Based on a Troy Story.” Humorously, the second slide featured a picture of Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader in the end.

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Who Are Troy Bond’s Parents? Does He Have a Sibling?

The comedian was born to his father, Troy Bond Sr., and his mother, Michelle Bond, on January 17, 1996. He was born into a family of five as the eldest son. Troy has two brothers named Logan Bond and Jack Bond.

Furthermore, his parents’ anniversary falls on Valentine’s Day. According to his mom’s Facebook description, they got married on February 14, 2003.

Troy’s Parents [Photo: Facebook]

In February 2014, Troy’s dad wished Michelle a happy anniversary with a romantic message on his Facebook account.

Troy Bond’s father’s caption read, “[sic] Happy Anniversary to my wife Michelle Bond. 19 years ! I mean she won the prize son ! 19 years married to ME! SHE CLEARLY WON.”

One can assume where Troy got his sense of humor from.