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Transgender Actor Mack Bayda’s Transition Journey Is an Open Book

Himal Ale Magar


Mack Bayda broke out in the Hollywood scene as he portrayed a transgender man in the movie A Man Called Otto. However, the transgender actor’s transition journey started on YouTube years before he started acting.

Through his content on the platform, Mack has not only been able to reveal his gender identity but also helped others like them in their journey.

Mack Bayda Documented His Gender Transition on YouTube

Although the actor has been open about his transition from cis female to male, Mack has not revealed much information about his early life. This included details about his educational and family background.

On the other hand, it has been seven years since the actor has documented all the details of his transition journey. In his first YouTube video, Mack went on to talk about how he had been researching and studying people who were in their gender transition.

Mack Bayda Before And After [Photo: Instagram]

Further, the actor added that he was afraid to come out to his friends, families, and friends. He then went on to explain how he had a therapy appointment with his University clinic.

At the end of the video, Mack expressed how he did not want anyone to see the video at the moment. Moreover, he encouraged his viewers to be part of his gender journey, and he’d be pleased to be friends with them.

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Parent’s Reaction to Mack’s Coming Out as a Transgender

In February 2017, Mack shared a video titled, ‘Parents Reaction to Coming Out as FTM Transgender,’ on his YouTube channel.

Mack stated when he shared his transition with his parents, it was a weird and surprising experience. In the video, he explained how he was unsure if he should reveal his gender identity to his parents.

But to his surprise, Mack stated that his mother was very supportive of her coming out, and so was his father. Both of them had positive responses to his big reveal.

Regarding the subject, Mack expressed that as a transgender, he could not expect any more from his parents. He added that the experience was one of the most amazing moments of his life.

Mack Bayda [Photo: Instagram]

As a child, Mack explained that he never wanted his breasts to grow. The actor shared that through 5th grade, he exclusively wore guys’ clothes.

Moreover, Mack expressed that he wanted to join the boy’s scout at school but could not and had to join the girl’s scout instead.

In the video, the actor expressed that he liked to hang out with guys and started questioning his gender identity in 2015. Eventually, Mack started working as a tech sales associate at Staples. 

Regarding his experience, the actor said he did not want to be called by his real name at his new job and preferred the nickname Mack.

Mack expressed that being called by the nickname Mack was a first step in coming out at work and overall in his transitional journey. 

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Surgery and Representing the Trans Community

Mack posted a picture on his Instagram in August 2019, which depicted how he looked in 2015 and how much he had changed.

The actor shared his journey, as he mentioned the day he trimmed his hair was the best day of his life. Mack further added that he started to recognize himself in the mirror. Also, he expressed the experience was beyond relieving and freeing.

Moreover, Mack started to inject Testosterone to help him in his transition journey in February 2017. He then updated his fans regarding his progress on Testosterone for several months.

Eventually, he had a top surgery as well, which took him to the next step of his gender transition. Additionally, the actor also uploaded several videos regarding his thoughts and hopes for the surgery.

Similarly, Mack shared about his Hysterectomy as he mentioned his surgery went well and explained his scars were visibly healing.

Apart from YouTube, Mack has updated his fans on his gender transition journey on social media sites like Instagram. The actor also used the platform to express his support for the LGBTQ+ community.

Regarding his role as Malcolm in the movie A Man Called Otto, Mack shared this his character in the movie would open the hearts and minds of the people. Further, the actor hoped his representation would help other tans people feel less alone.