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Janine Tate’s Loving Relationship with Her Husband and Absent Brother

Dinesh Shrestha


Janine Tate has a wonderful connection with her husband, Norman Webb. The couple tied the knot on June 8, 2018, as per their Facebook profiles.

The duo currently live in Louisville, Kentucky, together, spending time with their children. Unfortunately, both of them live a low-key lifestyle and have also made their Instagram accounts private.

Janine Tate and Her husband Welcomed Two Children

Janine has welcomed two beautiful children with her husband, Norman, as per her Instagram.

In her bio, she mentioned her children’s names as Roman and Remy. Her eldest son, Roman, was born in January 2020. However, it is not known when their second son arrived.

But Janine had a cute little baby bump shown in one of her Facebook posts in April 2022. It is reasonable to assume that the youngest addition to the Webb family might have arrived at the end of 2022.

Janine Tate and her husband Norman Webb with their child [Photo: Facebook]

Norman and Janine are a lowkey couple who prefers to keep their personal information to themselves.

However, it has been known that her husband is Fitness and Nutrition enthusiast. He reportedly graduated from the University of Kentucky with a doctorate in Physical Therapy.

Since Janine also went to the University of Kentucky, could it be the couple met there? Nevertheless, the duo has been together for some time now, and their bond seems to be getting stronger as the day passes by.

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Janine Tate’s Turbulent Relationship with Her Brothers

Unlike her relationship with her husband, Janine Tate has a turbulent relationship with her brothers, Andrew Tate and Tristan Tate. It has also been reported that they don’t really talk to each other.

In a YouTube video, he said, “I have a sister. My sister and I, we don’t really talk.” Andrew explained they didn’t talk because she went to feminist rallies.

In the past, Andrew Tate had acknowledged that he and his sister did not get along well, citing her supposed lack of intelligence.

“First child is always the smartest she’s like the third,” he stated. Furthermore, he didn’t even attend his sister’s wedding.

“Why didn’t you attend your sister’s wedding?” the journalist questioned. She asked if he had experienced issues with his family.

However, he did not give the exact answer and kept walking away. Then, the reporter added, “Why don’t you stay here to give an interview?” To which he replied that she was asking him stupid questions.

Then he explained that he was too busy having a good time in Romania.

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Who is Janine Tate? Exploring Her Earlier Life

Janine Tate was born on March 2, 1992, as per Gistfest. Her father, Emory Tate, was the late American chess grandmaster, and her mother is Eileen Tate.

Janine’s parents split up when she was just five years old. Then her mother moved to England with Janine and her two elder brothers.

They moved close to their relatives and settled down in a council estate in Luton, Bedfordshire, England.

Janine Tate and Norman Webb [Photo: Facebook]

Reportedly, Janine spent her childhood in Luton prior to obtaining a law degree from the University of Kentuck J. David Rosenberg College of Law.

Janine was admitted to Kentucky Bar Association in October 2017 and has since been practicing full-time in the city. She is a member of the John Rowe Chapter of the National Bar Association in Lexington, Kentucky.

Mrs. Webb has accomplished a lot as well, including being included in the 2019 Super Lawyers Rising Stars list. She even earned the 2015 Legal Research and Writing Club Best Oral Advocate award before being included in the 2019 Super Lawyers Rising Stars list.

Overall, she rose to prominence in her field as a result of her excellent legal abilities and commitment to justice. She is currently enjoying a lovely life with her hubby and two children.