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Noel Deyzel Competed In Mr Gay World 2019

Dinesh Shrestha


Noel Deyzel answered fans’ questions regarding his sexuality when he competed in the ‘Mr Gay World’ in 2019. He was the finalist in the competition.

Although he did not win, it didn’t differ in the netizen’s respect for him. Overall, they appreciated him and said that it didn’t matter if he was gay or straight.

Deyzel has inspired numerous people, and he is one of the role models in weightlifting. People call him with the name “Daddy Noel.”

Reason Why He Competed In The Mr Gay World

The bodybuilder revealed in an interview that he participated in the event because he wanted to help out a friend who was trying to promote the event for more awareness.

In addition, he also felt that he had to raise attention and awareness to the subject. Deyzel also stated the concept of people when it comes to gay.

He professed that there was a prevalent gay stereotype. It was expected of gay men to behave, look, and speak in a certain way, and that perception was something indoctrinated by the mass media.

He also observed a lot of straight marriages—guys who had a wife and kids but cheated on their wife with another guy in the gym.

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Noel’s Close Friend Encouraged him to Speak Out

Noel Deyzel openly came out as gay at the age of 28 when one of his close friends encouraged him to speak out.

Moreover, his friends motivated him to use the platform and help those people who were in the same sort of position. In terms of friends circles, he was very fortunate.

His friends always supported him. Later many people came to him and thanked him for assisting them.

In addition, he mentioned that the people of South Africa were also accepting it, even in masculine circles. From the skinny guy to the face of fitness, he has come a long way with his hard work and dedication.

Deyzel Had a Surgery In June

Recently in June 2023, he posted a picture and captioned the post, “Going for surgery in less than 24 hours from now, gonna be an interesting few weeks for me. But I will keep you updated thank you for your support.”

So, fans were curious about what was really going on with the bodybuilder. Noel needed to have his diastasis recti, a 2.5-inch split that developed between the walls of his abdomen, treated, according to Distractify.

As the post was seen by netizens, they poured their wishes for recovery soon in the comment section. He also thanked his supporters for their wishes.

The Bodybuilder also provided an update, revealing that he had left the hospital. He was trying his best to be upbeat.

Furthermore, he updated that he was healing and seeing progress every day.

Noel-Deyzel had surgery in June [Photo: Instagram]

However, it wasn’t the first time of him that has required surgery. In 2020, he also had surgery. He posted his pictures, captioning, “The last two weeks have challenged me to the core. Going in for surgery to sort out an injury felt like my world was crashing down.”

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Further, he said, “When you pour your heart and soul into something day in and day out, something like this discourages you.”

The year had been challenging for him, but he still had a roof over his head. He still had his health in good condition and had amazing family and friends.