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‘Mr. Iglesias’ Actress Kathryn Feeney Is A Married Woman

Himal Ale Magar


Throughout the years, Kathryn Feeney has been happy and content with her partner. Fortunately for the couple, both of them decided to change the pace of their relationship and engage in a deeper commitment by getting married.

But the question might linger among her fans, who the charming individual the actress got married to was.

Kathryn Feeney | Dating to Married Life

Unlike most celebrities in the entertainment industry, Kathryn is rather vocal about her personal life, including her relationship. The actress has shown her love and affection for her husband Zack Radvansky.

The couple surprised their fans and followers in September 2018 as they announced their engagement on Instagram. The post was captioned, “Also… Zack and I have some news #engaged #love (don’t worry we didn’t get engaged at the wedding, it’s been a couple weeks ).”

As a response, the couple received numerous congratulations and well-wishes from their fans and followers. One of the users expressed her happiness as she commented, “Yay!!!!!!! This makes me sooooo happy!!!.”

Further, the couple’s happiness would not end there, as Kathryn and Zack would get married two years after their engagement.

Kathryn Feeney And Zack Radvansky [Photo: Instagram]

The pair shared their wedding vows on July 17, 2020. Kathryn received several wishes and gifts from her fans, but among them was a portrait of the couple, which the actress expressed she was lucky to receive and described the picture as the best gift ever.

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Kathryn and Zack Were in a Longterm Relationship

The couple has known each other for almost a decade. For instance, Kathryn made the first post of Zack on her Instagram account in April 2015. So, the pair might have been in a relationship since then or even before.

Their strong bond throughout the years has been a testament to the fact that their love for each other was timeless. Besides, since the reveal of her partner on her Instagram account, Kathryn has regularly shared beautiful moments with him.

Kathryn Feeney And Zack Radvansky [Photo: Instagram]

The couple was seen attending numerous events and celebrating different occasions on their social media accounts. For example, Kathryn celebrated her beau’s birthday and shared her joy with her fans in November 2019.

Similarly, the couple celebrated New Year together as the actress posted a picture of herself and her husband on Instagram in January 2023.

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Kathryn Feeney’s Husband Is an Actor

The actress’ long-term partner Zack Radvansky by profession, belongs to the entertainment industry himself. According to his Instagram bio, Zack was a J.D Power Award Winner and a teen model at A3 Artists Agency.

Moreover, Zack has made appearances in movies and series such as Training DayCriminal Minds, and American Woman. Apart from these, Zack has not made any more appearances on the big screen as of this writing.

On the other hand, Zack is a co-host with his wife Kathryn in the 30 Minute Expert podcast. It was released in September 2020 with the couple as the author of the podcast.

The pair were two curious individuals who learned about different topics every week in the 30 Minute Expert podcast series. As Zack never went to college and Kathryn was in her third year of law school at the time, the couple never ran out of fascinating subjects to learn about together.

In the podcast, the actress challenged her husband, Zack, to become an expert in a random topic given to him. However, the catch was that he only had 30 minutes to do it.

Regardless, with the power of the internet, love, and humor, Kathryn and Zack proved you can learn about anything if you put your mind to it.