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Weston Koury’s Made His Girlfriend Instagram Official

Dinesh Shrestha


Weston Koury has been dating Aisha Rae since 2022. Revealing his girlfriend in November, he put up a post featuring his new girlfriend and penned, “This is romance.”

Although he hadn’t outed her face, he did tag her in the post. Everyone was just stunned at the time.

This one user’s comment summed up everyone’s reaction: “HE GOT A WOMAN!.”

One day later, one Twitter user asked, “Can I officiate the wedding?.” Then he jokingly replied that they could work something out if he bought the puppet.

The fact that Koury had a girlfriend was out. However, he only featured his girlfriend properly, revealing her face, in March 2023.

In the post, Koury had suffered a nosebleed while watching Muppet Vision 3D. The duo could be seen grinning for the camera.

Weston Koury revealed his girlfriend Aisha Rae’s face for the first time [Photo: Instagram]

They didn’t frequently post their pictures on social media but enjoyed a great time together. Both Koury and his girlfriend have their own YouTube channels. However, neither has made appearances on their partner’s channel.

That is probably because their genres are so far apart. Aisha uploads traveling vlogs and lifestyle content, whereas Koury uploads gaming content.

Prior to his relationship with Rae, it was rumored that he dated a girl in 2018 whose identity is still unknown.

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Weston’s Ex-Girlfriend Is Still Unknown

Weston Koury had never revealed his previous girlfriend’s face on social media. However, he posted a picture hiding her face from the public.

Initially, he posted an image of his girlfriend on December 2018. He was seen kissing the girl in the picture, but the identity was under wraps. Just with the heart emoji in the caption, he let it be know that he had a girlfriend.

Two days later, the musical artist shared another picture where his girlfriend’s face was entirely covered by her hazel locks.

He captioned the post, “My girl.” Everyone was perplexed at the time, with some people even asking, “How was this real?”

Weston Koury didn’t reveal his girlfriend’s face [Photo: Instagram]

The Musical Artist’s Life Before Fame

Weston Koury is well-known for his comedy videos on Instagram and YouTube. He has gathered millions of followers through his content on social media.

The social media personality and his sister work together to create content on his YouTube channel, Sinjin Drowning.

In 2021, he also released a new song called ‘Georgenotfound OnlyFans,’ which got millions of views on YouTube.

Weston was also a year-round competitive swimmer. His favorite stroke was freestyle. In mid-2015, he discovered a web following on YouNow.

Weston Koury [Photo: Instagram]

Within four months of becoming a YouNow broadcaster, he scheduled his first official Meet&Greet in Texas for November 2015, among other talents such as Corbyn Besson and Alex From Target.

Weston was born and raised by his parents in North Carolina with his older sister, Kalynn. His sister also appeared on his few YouNow broadcasts.

The influencer’s parents make some guest appearances too.

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Aisha Rae Is Of Filipino Descent

Aisha Rae is of Filipino descent and is famous for her lifestyle content on her official YouTube channel. She is also a short-form video creator who found fame through TikTok.

Aisha Rae [Photo: Instagram]

Aisha is an art student and artist and shares her work on her Instagram account. She started posting TikTok videos in December 2019. Aisha gathered a lot of fans there and eventually moved to join YouTube in 2016.