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Ben Lawson’s Love Journey: Unveiling His Last Girlfriend

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The Australian actor Ben Lawson was in a relationship with his Hawaiian girlfriend, Maile Mildrexle, for three years. The couple met in Portland for the first time when Ben was shooting for the TV show Grimm.

Later Mildrexle moved with him to Los Angeles after her landlord sold her home in Hawaii. However, the couple eventually broke up in 2019 but never publicly shared the reason behind the split.

Ben told The Sydney Morning Herald that Mildrexle was the smartest and kindest person he knew. Further, he mentioned that she was always Mochi’s mother. Mochi was the actor’s pet dog.

Ben Lawson and his dog, Mochi [Photo: Instagram]

Even after splitting up, the couple had a good relationship and continued to talk to each other. Ben has also met her new boyfriend and often hung out with him.

However, prior to falling in love with a Hawaiian girlfriend, Ben was reportedly in a relationship with Australian actress Harriet Dyer.

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Harriet Dyer Reveals Split with Ben Lawson at AACTA Awards Show

According to Daily Mail, the Australian actor was in a relationship with the stunning actress Harriet Dyer. Ultimately, the couple separated, but the reason behind the split is still a mystery.

It is reported that the pair dated for several months but never confessed publicly about their romance. The couple shared numerous intimate photos on social media, which were removed after the split.

Ben Lawson and his girlfriend, Harriet Dyer [Photo: Instagram]

On December 2015, the stunning actress returned to Sydney from LA to attend the fifth annual AACTA Awards at The Star.

On the way to the Awards show, Harriet Dyer told Daily Mail Australia that she wasn’t back in California to visit Lawson, saying: “Noooo, that’s over!”

The actress confirmed at the award show that they had already broke up. Furthermore, she said her visit to Los Angeles was just to hang out with friends but didn’t completely rule out moving to Hollywood.

Before dating Harriet, the Australian actor was in a serious relationship with his girlfriend, whom he met at a Brisbane restaurant.

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Ben Lawson’s Profound Relationship With Melissa

Ben Lawson found his first serious girlfriend, Melissa, when they were both working at a Brisbane restaurant.

Ben completely fell in love with her even though she had a boyfriend. But shortly after, Melissa left, and the duo emailed each other for eight months.

Ultimately, he asked her if he could come over and see or stay with her. Melissa said yes then, and the Australian actor instantly flew over to meet her. Then he immediately confessed his love and stayed for four months there.

However, Ben never revealed what she replied to when he confessed his love. Later, the 43-year-old star returned to his hometown and was accepted into NIDA.

They only saw each other after Melissa flew back, but it was over then. Ben still emails her on her birthday every year. Mellisa is now the mother of a couple of little kids. He also said that she was great.

The Australian actor’s last relationship was with Maile Mildrexle, which was broken up in 2019. Currently, his relationship status is a mystery since he hasn’t shared anything about his relationship on social media.