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Rock Newman First Greeted His Wife, Demetria, With a Marriage Declaration

Dinesh Shrestha


TV personality Rock Newman had no hesitation when he directly called his now-wife Demetria after he saw her photograph in a magazine at his friend’s house.

No other words, just onto the point of his topic. He called her and said, “I’m going to marry you.”

She was hearing his voice for the first time ever when her phone rang, and to her absolute surprise, a man greeted her with these words.

How Did He Directly Ask Demetria to Marry?

Well, back in the day, Rock Newman was like a magnet. Meaning, he could charm people to have things done for him.

He was not just a convincing speaker; he was a good listener too—a rare combination. Furthermore, he had a connection with several young people whom he called almost daily for progress reports on their lives.

But whenever he got nothing concrete back in return, he got out a lot of those relationships.

Newman was never a looker, but he more than made up for that with his razor-sharp communication and persuasion.

Glenn Harris, one of his friends since his days at Howard, told The Washington Post that even when they had nothing, he would see Newman line up a limo for a date just by sweet talking.

Understandably, Newman had the confidence in him to call up a model he saw in a magazine and outright tell her that he would make her his wife one day.

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From Call to Vows: Rock and his wife married six years later

Despite greeting the model with his bold words, Rock Newman and his wife eventually married after six years.

The couple has unbelievable longevity in their relationship, as they are still together, enjoying each other’s company.

Demetria has immense faith in her husband—so much so that she believes a greater power chose him. Still, she would often remind him of something she told him many a moon ago.

Rock Newman and his wife Demetria [Photo: Instagram/WHUT TV]

Demetria was certain when she met her husband that out of all the people in the world, she wouldn’t want to be tied down to an athlete, a politician, or a minister.

She would have to swallow her words as he turned out to be somewhat of a combination of all three. Newman had once been involved in political activism, was a boxer, and had even developed faith in a spiritual awakening that could lift Black America from the sorrow and anguish of racism and poverty.

Meet Rock Newman’s wife: Who is Demetria?

Demetria Newman is a writer and entrepreneur best known for her book The Beauty Enigma.

She has completed her Master’s in Philosophy. Furthermore, she is a dog lover, has two dogs, and often shares pictures with them.

She is extremely concerned about her health, so she routinely practices yoga, meditation, and nutrition.

Demetria has shared numerous posts of different quotes about healthy relationships and healthy lifestyles. She has also built her own marketing companies.

Rock Newman’s wife, Demetria [Photo: Instagram]

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Who is Rock Newman?

Rock Newman was born in 1952 in Brandywine, Maryland, USA. He has produced several television programs.

One of the more memorable ones would be the British television program: The Big Fight Live.

He graduated from Gwynn Park High School in Brandywine, Maryland. Now, he hosts a show named The Rock Newman Show, where he invites different guests to talk about various topics.

Rock Newman [Photo: Youtube/WHUT TV]

As a young counselor at Howard University in 1980, Newman and his friend Dick Gregory, a comedian turned political activist, were approached by Iranian diplomats who were looking for a means to exert pressure on the American hostages in Tehran.

In the end, Newman stayed in Iran for three weeks as Khomeini’s guest. It was during his stay there that he realized the evanescence of power—something that would go on to define him as the person that the world would recognize him for.