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Lee Asher Might Have a Girlfriend Now, and She Knows Him Quite Well

Dinesh Shrestha


Lee Asher’s YouTube video in April 2023 proved that there was someone special in his life. The video titled, ‘The Craziest Thing Anyone Has Ever Done For Me’ showed his reaction as his girl gifted him Goose, a Newfoundland puppy.

The lady in the video addressed him, saying “baby,” and he also referred to her as “someone very special to me and someone very important to me.”

Netizens Believed Lee’s Possible Girlfriend Was a “Keeper”

The TV personality was surprised by his possible girlfriend when she gifted his dream dog on Valentine’s Day.

He penned in the description of the video, “I cannot describe the shock and joy I felt in that moment. This is by far the coolest thing anyone has ever done for me.”

In addition, while entering the room, she said, “Happy Valentine’s Day, baby,” in her cute voice.

She gifted his dream dog, a Newfoundland puppy that had been rescued. He described her as a special person in his life.

Further, Asher said, “Someone very special to me, someone very, very important to me, who I love very much, surprised me and rescued a Newfoundland.”

Unfortunately, the dog’s previous owner hit some medical issues and could no longer care for the dog and needed to find him a home.

He was really grateful because no one had ever given him a dog before. She made an appearance in the video’s first minute, but it was hard to recognize her.

Upon sharing the video on his YouTube channel, The Asher House, netizens suggested that she was a keeper. One user penned, “She rescued a dog for you. She’s a keeper, Lee.”

Likewise, another person wrote, “That was a kind gesture by a good woman. You don’t have to say who it was…..but we all know it was a good woman.”

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Chose The Ellen Show Over a Date

In 2021, Lee Asher revealed an intriguing tale about canceling a date for an appearance on The Ellen Show.

The incident happened in April 2019 when he was at his best friend’s wedding in Miami. It was Saturday, and he was putting on the suit.

At that exact time, he got a call from an unknown number. He answered the phone, and the other person said, “Lee, it’s the Ellen show.”

During their talk, he said that he was attending his friend’s wedding. When was he coming home, the guy questioned. He replied that he would return on Tuesday.

Lee Asher and his friend Luke appeared on the Ellen Show in 2019 [Photo: YouTube/TheEllenShow]

However, they said that they wanted him on the show Monday. But he had a date on Monday Night in Miami.

It was his dream to be appeared on the show, as he thought that it would be a great place to tell the story.

So, he chose The Ellen’s Show over the date. He ultimately canceled it even though he hadn’t been on a date for a long time.

Then he flew home the next day and got ready for Monday morning. He appeared on the show on April 15, 2019.

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Asher’s Previous Relationship

While it is not known who his current girlfriend is, he was previously dating Sydney Ferbrache. The former couple met because of Henry Friedman, her current lover.

In an episode titled, ‘Why We Broke Up & How is Quarantine Together’ of Sydney’s podcast, My Solo Road, the former couple talked about it.

Sydney’s ex-boyfriend revealed that he and Henry shared a lot of the same supporters. When Henry was in Tahoe, people suggested Henry and Lee link up with each other. So, they were texting each other, and Asher invited him over.

At that time, Henry asked if he could bring a friend, which Lee approved. That friend happened to be Sydney.

The duo had the same interest, and they bonded quickly. Soon after, they started traveling together. Unfortunately, their relationship could not last long.

Both of them had completely different goals where Lee wanted to inspire people to adopt dogs, and she wanted to inspire people to do what they were passionate about, saving their mental health.

Lee claimed that he didn’t know about her mission at the time. They also realized they wanted their own space.

Nevertheless, despite breaking up, they remained friends and even spent quarantine together.

Lee Asher [Photo: Instagram]

Sydney continued to rescue and care for pets after their relationship ended while residing in her van with her golden retriever. Later she got engaged to Henry Friedman.