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Noah Schnacky | Was His Engagement With Girlfriend A Prank?

Himal Ale Magar


On July 2021, Noah Schnacky announced that he was engaged to his girlfriend Kristina Marino. The news was revealed on his official YouTube channel, which was titled, ‘Telling My Family We’re Engaged!’

In the video, Noah said he was ready to tell everyone that he was ready to get engaged. He shared his decision with his friends, which received mixed emotions from them. So, is the prankster engaged with his girlfriend?

Did Noah Schnacky Get Engaged With His Girlfriend?

Two months after the aforementioned video, Noah revealed another shocking news on his YouTube channel. Similar to the previous scenario, he shared news of his engagement with his viewers over a video.

In the video, the pair goes jewelry shopping for their supposed engagement. Additionally, Noah stated that his girlfriend Kristina was nervous about it.

The couple went on to go through numerous selections of engagement rings. In one instance, Noah said, “She’s definitely a princess so princess cut right? For a princess”.

Noah And Kristina [Photo: YouTube]

After deciding on her ring size, the couple went on to have lunch at Kristina’s favorite restaurant.

As the couple were having their lunch, Noah asked his girlfriend where she saw herself in 5 years. As a response, Kristina replied she hoped to get married with at least one kid living with Noah in her dream house.

In the next shot, Noah was seen on one knee when his girlfriend exclaimed, “There’s a ring.” The couple was cheered by onlookers as they thought the couple was getting engaged.

Noah was visibly awkward, and Kristina was teeming with excitement.

At the end of the video, Kristina revealed she pranked Noah back for the previous pranks he did on her. Kristina said she was playing along with the engagement joke he was playing with his friends.

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Noah’s Family Reaction To His Engagement

The engagement saga would not end when Kristina pranked Noah in one of his videos. The two went on to thank Celeb Magazine for caring enough to watch his videos and write a vlog about his engagement.

However, Noad asked Celeb Magazine and his viewers have to wait a little longer for the announcement. The YouTuber added that he was happy with the pace of his relationship.

As the video continued, the couple waited for a call from mystery individuals as they cooked lunch together. Shortly after, the couple got on a call with Kyler and Madison. Noah pranked the couple that he got engaged to Kristina at Applebee’s.

Noah And Kristina [Photo: YouTube]

Similarly, the couple told their friend Kobe that they were engaged and looked forward to getting married. Noah added, “Dude my one question to you is are you ready to be the best man?”

However, despite Kobe’s joy and excitement, Noah broke the news that it was just a harmless prank.

Moreover, the pair went on to prank Noah’s grandparents about their engagement. As a response to his prank, his grandfather said, “well we’re in the edge of tears, so I’m glad you cut this off when you did”

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Did Kristina Not Want To Get Engaged With Noah?

On August 2022, Noah decided to prank his girlfriend after pretending to post a picture where she accidentally wore a ring on her ring finger. The prankster added he was going to tell Kristina that his followers saw the picture and congratulated them on the engagement.

Noah also shared he told his girlfriend that they should just play along and get engaged to see what her reaction would be. Further, he expressed it was his duty to find out if his girlfriend was ready to take the next step in their relationship.

As a response to his prank, Kristina said he should delete the picture and post a video that it was a mistake. Moreover, during the course of their discussion, Noah said we should just go with it.

Surprisingly, Kristina denied it and was not ready for it. She expressed that she wanted a real engagement since she was a kid, and she would not let an Instagram post control it.

Additionally, when Noah asked why Kristina did not want to get engaged to him, she replied that she wanted to be ready, but not at the moment.

At the end of the video, Kristina left the car but eventually came back and stated she noticed the hidden camera and knew it was a prank.

Kristina added that she had changed her mind and was ready for the engagement.