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Desi Banks Welcomed First Child with Girlfriend Prior to Marriage

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Everyone was just stunned at the time. Desi Banks posted his son’s photo on Instagram. The entertainer welcomed his first child with his lovely girlfriend, Morgan, on May 14, 2020, at 12:21 p.m.

The couple named their newly born baby  Desi Banks lll, AKA Lil Tre. Banks mentioned in the caption that his son was the biggest blessing he had ever received.

Furthermore, he wanted to be the best father and said his purpose rose after the baby’s birth.

Everyone congratulated the lovely couple through the comment section after he shared his child’s picture.

Desi Banks Shared Girlfriend’s Baby Bump before Baby’s Arrival

Just a few weeks before welcoming the lovely child, Banks had shared a picture showcasing his girlfriend’s baby bump in an Instagram post.

Furthermore, he mentioned that his biggest blessing was coming and was excited to see Lil Tre.

Desi Banks shared his girlfriend’s baby bump photo in April 2020 [Photo: Instagram]

Banks’ son is now three years old and happily growing up with the beautiful couple. He is also popular on Instagram, with over 25.8K followers.

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Desi’s Partner Is a Registered Nurse

It may come off as a surprise to many, but Desi’s girlfriend, Morgan Danielle, AKA Morgan Muchori, is a registered nurse. She first attended Georgia State University and received her degree for a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry from there.

Then, she attended Mercer University for an Accelerated Bachelor of Science in Nursing and graduated in 2021.

She is currently working as a registered nurse at Piedmont Healthcare since October 2021.

Prior to that, she was a Client Service Assistant/Specialist at Citizens Trust Bank for six years, an Educator at Preferred School Care Learning Center for one year and eleven months, and an Administrative Assistant at TOPSHOP TOPMAN for ten months.

Alongside that, Morgan is a model. She is also the founder of Mommy Duties, etc., and Morgan Danielle Closet. Her women’s clothing store offers a variety of products, including dresses, tops, swimwear, sweaters, coats and jackets.

In addition, Desi’s partner has a decent fan following. She has over 96K followers on Instagram, along with over 3K followers on TikTok and 1.26K subscribers on YouTube.

Moreover, Morgan is not to be mistaken for another Morgan Danielle, who is a famous cosplayer from the US.

Unfortunately, when Desi and Morgan welcomed their first child, the comedian got dragged into a controversy.

Desi Banks Got into Controversy Back in 2020

Back in 2020, the famous comedian got into a controversy for his meme post on social media about George Floyd and BLM protests.

In his post, he shared the picture of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. walking with the peaceful protestors with the caption “This Is A Protest,” collaged into a picture of the looting happening in Minneapolis with the caption “This Is A Crime.”

Then this post dragged him into the controversy. With the ongoing protest on high tide, his post called the ongoing protest a crime.

He later acknowledged his mistake. Banks apologized to everyone but said he was just conveying that violence is not the answer.

Through an Instagram post, Banks explained that he was not against the civil rights campaigners but wanted better for everyone.

Moreover, Banks declared that he was against rioting and suggested looking out for a better option to ask for justice. He just wanted to use his platform to encourage people to come up and talk about the problems.

However, Desi Banks’ family always supported him, whereas his mother was his most significant source of inspiration.

Desi Bank’s Mother: The Source of His Inspiration

Banks has always been close to his family, especially with his mother.

His mother is the primary source of inspiration. The entertainer’s mother was a hardworking person and handled the whole family in the absence of his father.

Banks’ mother finished her graduation when the comedian was in college.

In 2013, his mother went to Clayton State University to study nursing. The entertainer’s mother completed her training at Frontier University back in 2020, as per Newsunzip.

Desi Banks [Photo: Instagram]

From choosing his mother’s path, the 37-year-old star completed his graduation in sociology from Georgia State University. He was also a well-renowned athlete in the college with many titles in his belt.

Banks is now a father of his child and happily living with his lovely girlfriend.

He is a well-known social media personality with an illustrious career as an actor, comedian, entertainer, and host. His hard work and dedication is the reason for his notable career.

Despite being active on social media, he hasn’t shared his dating life with his girlfriend. The couple came into the limelight when they welcomed their first child.