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Lee Hartley| Happily Married With Her Husband

Himal Ale Magar


Unlike most celebrities or TV personalities, Lee Hartley Carter does not hesitate to flaunt her handsome husband to the world. Throughout the years, she has been outspoken about her relationship and family life.

The researcher and author has been married to Drew Stein for a decade. The two shared their wedding vows on May 2013. The auspicious occasion was held in the presence of their close friends and family members.

Lee Hartley’s Loving Husband Drew Stein

Their wedding was followed by a beautiful honeymoon. Carter shared a picture on her Facebook, expressing she had a great day fishing during the honeymoon.

Additionally, she posted another picture on the social media platform, which was captioned, “Last day of our honeymoon. Feeling extra blessed.”

Lee and Drew [Photo: Facebook]

However, the couple did not publically share the location of their wedding venue and honeymoon destination. Besides, the information regarding the relationship has remained a mystery as well.

Both of them had not shared information regarding their dating life or when it had started.

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Do Lee Hartley Carter & Her Husband Have Any Children?

Besides his marriage with Carter, Stein has a son from his previous marriage.

But, the husband has not revealed details about his last marriage. So, the information about his ex-wife and how the divorce happened remains a mystery as of this writing.

Nonetheless, Carter has a loving relationship with his stepson, who is named Jackson.

She had expressed her affection for her stepson and husband in a picture posted on Facebook on April 2017. In the post, she wrote, “Father and Sun (see what I did there?)”

Lee Hartley Carter With Her Family [Photo: Facebook]

Besides, apart from her stepson, Carter has a daughter with her husband Stein.

She is named Madeleine and was born in April 2019. The proud baby mama announced the arrival of her little angel with a beautiful caption that read, “She’s coming home! Madeleine is ready to take on the world.”

Similarly, on another occasion, Carter shared a family portrait on her Instagram account. It featured her husband Stein, her stepson, and her daughter.

She went on to express her gratitude for having a loving family and affirmed that she was thankful for all the moms who had made her life better every day.

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What Is Lee Hartley Carter’s Husband’s Profession?

As per the information provided by Brand Innovation, Carter’s husband, Stein, is the founder and CEO of Audigent. The company is a leading data activation, curation, and identity platform. Additionally, Stein has been the Chief Product Officer since its inception in the year 2018.

According to his Linkedin Profile, Stein started his professional career in DashBid as Founder & Board Member in 2010. He worked for the company for nine years and left on December 2018.

On the other hand, he has been involved with The Harriet & Esteban Vicente Foundation as Chairman & President until now. Similarly, Stein is the Executive Producer and Founder of The Station Media since January 2003.

Drew And His Son [Photo: Facebook]

Besides, he is also currently working at Audigent and has been a founding member of the company since its establishment in January 2016.

Brand Innovators claimed that Stein brought over 15 years of experience in product experience and executive leadership to the company. He was previously a founding member of DashBid, which was ranked as the #2 fastest-growing tech company in NYC in the year 2016.

Moreover, regarding his educational background, Stein is a proud alum of Horace Mann and Northwestern University.