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Sam Dezz’s Unforgettable First Meeting with His Girlfriend

Dinesh Shrestha


Sam Dezz and his girlfriend, Brooke Monk, are now celebrating their third anniversary this year in October.

Initially, Monk made the relationship Instagram official in October 2020 through an Instagram post. She shared their first picture, captioning the post, “This guy is cool.”

She had to fly from Denver to Los Angeles to meet and take a picture with him. Monk traveled with her father to LA, while Dezz showed up with flowers at the airport to pick her up.

He was unaware she had come up to see him with her father and was startled when he saw him. After they met, the couple hugged, and Dezz handed her the flowers.

That was the first time they met.

Sam Dezz’s girlfriend, Brooke Monk [Photo: Instagram]

Then they drove to a clubhouse and created a TikTok video together after touring the house. Later the couple went for a photo shoot which Monk posted on her Instagram.

Two months after meeting Dezz, Monk posted her travel vlog from Denver to LA on her YouTube channel.

In 2021, both of them posted their together picture celebrating one year of togetherness.

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Sam Dezz Girlfriend Messaged Him on the First

The girlfriend wasn’t interested in dating until she saw Sam. Monk found him attractive, which eventually led her to reconsider her stance.

She instantly DMed him with the message “Hello Sir” with a little smiley face emoji.

Although Monk was homeschooled through high school and unfamiliar with using social media, she asked him for a Facetime call the same day.

Although the two of them got along well, Dezz sometimes made excuses to avoid talking to her. One time, she recalled, he said he didn’t want to be on a call because he didn’t want to wake his family up late at night.

She knew that he had a headset on and was gaming.

Sam Dezz and his girlfriend [Photo: Instagram]

Monk wanted to call him, but Dezz said he would call her an hour later. However, he didn’t have her number.

Later Dezz gave his number to her, but ultimately he didn’t receive the call. The couple was far away from each other. He was in Los Angeles, and she was in Colorado.

That was that. Dezz actually lucked out on that front because Monk wasn’t the best at picking out social cues since she was homeschooled most of her life.

She even admitted that her ignorance of social cues and contracts made her happy—something that had changed in the years since.

Regardless, the couple started to Facetime every night. The pair became online best friends. Although the couple knew that they both liked each other, he made the first move.

On July 28, 2020, Dezz told Monk that he liked her. She randomly called him one day and said she was coming to LA to meet him.

Brooke flew to LA with her dad, but when he saw her with dad, he just got nervous at the time.

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Brooke Monk Suprised Sam Dezz With His Dream Car

Brooke Monk surprised Sam on his birthday with his dream car, a brand new 2022 Toyota Supra. She called her business manager and told him to order her boyfriend’s dream car for the birthday surprise.

Unfortunately, the car arrived one and a half months after his birthday. Dezz’s sister had known about the surprise. She also came with them to film the reaction of her brother while Monk surprised him.

Monk had blindfolded him and took him to the spot. Then she opened the blindfold and handed over the brand-new car key.

He couldn’t believe his eyes that she gifted it to him.