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Koe Wetzel’s Lost Love: A Look into His Ex-girlfriend Bailey Fisher

Dinesh Shrestha


Koe Wetzel doesn’t seem to have a girlfriend now, but he had a girlfriend previously named Bailey Fisher.

As per Amomama, the couple’s seemed to have lasted for potentially a decade. However, they seem to be apart these days.

Furthermore, he also didn’t confirm this relationship, but she shared their numerous intimate moments on her Instagram.

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Bailey and Koe’s First Picture Together Surfaced in 2014

Initially, Bailey Fisher shared their first picture together in 2014 before he became a sensation. “Only picture from Larry Joe 2014,” she captioned.

Bailey Fisher shared the first picture with Koe Wetzel [Photo: Instagram]

Then she began to post their picture on social media frequently. However, in 2016, she stopped sharing their photos.

Later, she shared multiple proclamations of her love for him.

After three years of gap, she again posted a picture with him in December 2019, captioning the post, “Merry Christmas.”

Then again, she began to post their picture. In October 2020, she shared their kissing picture and captioned, “I wasn’t ready but damn he looks good.”

Koe and Bailey’s Relationship Faced Possible Breakup in 2016

The reason why Bailey did not post any of their pictures for three years was they might have broken up then. Furthermore, Koe also tweeted, “I tried to have a girlfriend today, it didn’t work out,” in October 2016.

They then appeared to have rekindled their romance towards the end of 2019, and Fisher even released more images of the couple in 2020.

Recently, it seemed that the couple are no longer together again. The last post that she shared was in May 2021 while celebrating his sister’s birthday in Nashville.

Bailey Fisher and Koe Wetzel celebrated Christmas together in 2020 [Photo: Instagram]

After that, she stopped posting pictures on her Instagram. While they still follow one another, it is not known why she hasn’t posted any pictures with him since May 2021.

Koe Reflected on the Unexpected Encounter with His Ex-Girlfriend’s Belongings

While giving an interview in 2022, the singer spoke about the moment when he found his ex-girlfriend’s things in a box.

He said, “I bought a house a year ago and had to unpack everything in my garage.” One of those boxes had all of his ex-girlfriend’s things.

Wetzel continued, “It was raining outside. I was in one of those moods where I was like, “[expletive] this, I’m going to sit on the couch and grab a guitar.” You’re over it, but you’re not really over it.”

Koe Wetzel and Bailey Fisher [Photo: Instagram]

It’s not confirmed by name that he was talking about Fisher. However, it is believed that the couple is no longer together.

It wasn’t the first time that he had mentioned his ex-girlfriend. Back in 2015, Wetzel also revealed that his ex-girlfriend had two boyfriends in a song ‘Never Leave.’

Well, it is not sure if he was singing about Fisher or it was just a song.

Fans Reacted when they found out he had a girlfriend

When netizens knew that Koe had a girlfriend, several fans expressed their disapproval of the news on social media.

One user tweeted, “Just found out that Koe Wetzel has a girlfriend, so I’ll actually be passing away now.”

Another user penned, “Did anyone else know koe wetzel had a girlfriend ??” Then one user got shocked and confused at the same time and said, “Finding out Koe Wetzel has a girlfriend and it’s not me… shocked and confused.”

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Exploring the Ex-Girlfriend of Koe Wetzel

According to Bailey’s Linkedin profile, she completed her bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Tarleton State University.

Fisher worked as a client relationship associate at Kforce Inc in June 2016. Then from 2017 to February 2022, she worked as a customer success manager at Upland Software.

Then she began her current job in July 2022 as Senior Customer Success Manager at Upfluence. She is especially active on Instagram, where she shares many of her activities.