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Tiffany Pollard’s Search for a Husband — Third Time’s the Charm?

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Tiffany Pollard’s search for a husband ended after she got engaged in November 2020. In the I Love New York reunion special, she announced her engagement.

After 90 minutes of reminiscing about old friendships and the “ones who got away,” she topped off the evening by showing off her ring and informing everyone that she was 21 days into her engagement.

Tiffany’s fiancee’s identity is still a secret, but watchers that evening saw an absolutely beaming Tiffany Pollard in love.

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Tiffany Pollard Met Her Future Husband on Famously Single Set

Tiffany Pollard spent a decade on the reality television series I Love New York searching for love but couldn’t succeed.

But it turned out all she needed to do to find her soulmate was stop looking. And when she did, she found her beloved.

She explained, “To find love the way I did, I stopped looking for it, and it literally found me, and I’m engaged, just 21 days old.”

Initially, she met him coming off the set of Famously Single. She said, “I didn’t find love in that house. So to meet him at a gathering and to have him lock on me the way he did—I locked him back, and we’ve been inseparable ever since.”

Is Tiffany Pollard Preparing for Her Wedding with Her Future Husband?

Well, it’s been three years since Tiffany and her fiancee got engaged, but she hasn’t officially confirmed their wedding.

In an Interview with TooFab in 2021, she was caught up wearing the ring. When she was asked if she still had the ring, she replied, “Oh, absolutely, that’s not going anywhere.”

They were just as happy as the moment that they started dating. She stated their relationship felt so good and fresh, and it was just blossoming and blooming into even more love.

She explained that they were getting into things where they were starting to wedding plan.

Pollard continued. “It’s exciting, we’re talking about what we want and what we don’t want.”

She continued, “It just feels so good and it feels so right and this is the moment that makes all those bad dates that you went on when you were a lot younger.”

Tiffany Pollard [Photo: Instagram]

She explained, ” It’s like, ‘Oh my goodness, get outta here because now I have my soulmate.'”

Pollard stated that although her to-be husband desired to keep things private, she acknowledged that their wedding would not be “super contained.”

She simply responded that they were “Probably going to compile some sort of thing and release it not during but after the fact” when asked if they might make a TV show around the wedding.

Tiffany Pollard’s Fiancé Is Proud of Her Remarkable Journey

Tiffany Pollard has spent the last 15 years in front of the cameras, appearing in a ton of reality shows and dating quite a few men.

In the same interview, she was asked – what did her husband-to-be think of her reality resume?

She replied that her husband was definitely proud of the mark that she had made for herself. He respected all the glorious New York moments.

Further adding, Pollard replied, “He’s very protective. He wants to make sure I get the recognition, the respect that I deserve and he’s such a large support system to me. He’s just in my corner.”

Tiffany Gushed about Her Fiance

Tiffany described her fiance as amazing. She added, “He puts up with me, and when I say, put up with me, I have so many faces and he knows how to deal with every face, every facet of my diamond. I’m not gonna lie, it’s a lot.”

Pollard stated that it took a really “big man” to put up with someone like her. She continued, “He’s just the love of my life and I think it’s important to just always go with your heart.”

Pollard stated she wasn’t supposed to be dating, but she was happy by giving him a chance. While giving an Interview with OK Magazine, she shared some details of her big day.

She didn’t think that she wanted all the “big ta-da.” The TV personality felt she wanted to keep it intimate.

Further continuing, she added that she wanted to do something spontaneous and go to Vegas. Then come back later and have a ceremony with her family and friends.

Tiffany Rejected George Weisgerber’s Proposal Initially

During the television series I Love New York’s second season finale night on VH1, George Weisgerber proposed to Tiffany.

However, she didn’t accept the proposal. She said she completely trusted him and knew he was there for her.

She said, “You’ll never run out on me. But right now, I cannot accept your proposal. But if you love me — and you honor my wishes — in 24 months, I’d love to marry you.”

Later, she accepted when he proposed to her for the second time. As per New York Post, she moved in with Weisgerber and his 12-year-old daughter Asia shortly after taping for the show was completed in the summer of 2006.

Tiffany Pollard Geroge Weisgerber’s proposal during the series’ second season [Photo: Instagram]

Unfortunately, their engagement could not last long. She later disclosed that their engagement had ended on her show, New York Goes to Hollywood, in 2008.

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Patrick Hunter Ended Engagement with Tiffany Pollard

Patrick Hunter called off their engagement during the I Love New York’s reunion special because of Pollard’s lack of respect for him.

She chose him over Kamal during the season finale of the series. Then he surprised her with a wedding proposal which she accepted.

Later when he watched the reality dating show broadcast, he decided to withdraw his proposal.

Hunter stated that he tried to be a good guy and pursued Pollard’s affection despite all the verbal and physical abuse.

The first thing he said when he came to the show was, “I’m here to get to know Tiffany.” However, he had to fight with other dudes on a regular basis and took whatever he was taking from them because he knew he’d got a goal at hand.

Later, he also found that Pollard was giving him a hard time than the other guys in the competition. Moreover, what really irritated Hunter was the verbal insults hurled behind his mother Paula’s back by Pollard and her mother, Sister Patterson.