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Lincoln Lewis and Girlfriend Pandora Bonsor—Still a Thing or Gone Their Separate Ways?

Dinesh Shrestha


The Australian actor Lincoln Lewis went public with his girlfriend Pandora Bonsor after his dad revealed his split with his ex-wife and announced his new relationship.

Lincoln and his family led a low-profile life after news broke his parents had separated after 36 years of marriage.

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Lincoln Lewis and Girlfriend Go Public on Instagram

Lewis and his girlfriend, Pandora Bonsor, first made a public appearance on December 2020 through her Instagram.

Bonsor posted a picture with him and two other guys captioning the post, “Great food, beautiful company & live music! What else could you want?”

Then after, she began to constantly post her and Lewis’ pictures on her social media account. In addition, Bonsor also mentioned him as her “Soulmate” in one of her posts in 2021.

Gradually, the couple’s bond grew deeper as their vibes matched each other. In the pictures and videos she posted, they were always enjoying each other company.

Bonsor said, “Pure happiness is when I’m with you,” referring to her beau.

Pandora’s Heartfelt Tribute to Lincoln Lewis

Pandora had written heartwarming words on his birthday to describe her love for the Australian actor.

In October 2021, she wished him a happy birthday by posting a short video of them. In the video, they were seen kissing and enjoying their togetherness.

The caption read, “You’re the most beautiful, generous, kind, loving, genuine soul, and I’m so incredibly grateful for you and EVERYTHING you bring to my life!”

Additionally, she said that his energy and everything in between made her fall deeply in love with him.

“I will forever cherish you and our relationship!” Bonsor said. “Thank you for all that you do for me and the others around you! Everyone that meets you & knows you loves you! There isn’t one bad bone in your body.”

From the first time they hung out, she felt as though they were “two electric balls” coming together. She just remembered him picking her up and spinning her around from that moment.

That was the moment she knew that he was the one.

She further mentioned that so many people, including her, loved him.

“I couldn’t imagine going through this crazy thing we call life with anyone else,” she added.

Every moment with him made her feel warm inside, and she could go from binge-watching random series on Netflix to laughing until it hurt.

“You’re one in a million Linc, and I ADORE YOU,” she stated.

Lewis’ Touching Tribute to Girlfriend Pandora Bonsor on Her 20th Birthday

Lewis and Bonsor have 14 years of age gap, but the couple’s relationship appeared to be growing stronger over time.

So, the actor penned a heartfelt tribute to his girlfriend on her 20th birthday.

He wrote in the caption, “Happy birthday to this beautiful gal.”

Appreciating his girlfriend, he said her incredible energy was infectious, and it brightened up every single room she stepped into.

One of the main things he loved about her was how she put a smile on everyone’s faces. Alongside his sweet messages, he shared a gallery of pictures documenting their time together as a couple.

Lincoln Lewis and Girlfriend’s Serendipitous Mid-2020 Encounter

The lovely couple is assumed to have met in mid-2020, as per Daily Mail. The cafe where Lincoln would get his morning coffee after working out was where Bonsor had previously finished a trial shift.

Furthermore, she started to date him after the split from her ex-boyfriend, a café owner, in the middle of 2020. 

Later, she started working in a real estate office in Palm Beach, but she left the job. Then she was apparently sponsored by her local gym.

Lincoln Lewis and his girlfriend Pandora Bonsor [Photo: Instagram]

Furthermore, she also endorsed several products via her Instagram account. The products included fat burners and cleaning products. 

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Are They Still Going Strong, or Have They Gone Their Separate Ways?

The actor and his girlfriend, Pandora Bonsor, have now stopped posting about each other leaving the fans to discuss their relationship.

Lewis posted their last picture together on Instagram on February 2022. He captioned the post, “Happy Valentines you gorgeous thang,”

In the snap, the couple was grinning and addressing the camera. However, Bonsor posted a video recently on January on her Instagram account enjoying their time together.

Now, Bonsor also stooped posting their pictures. The two are active on social media, but none posted pictures together.

The actor has been in a relationship with Rhiannon Fish (2010 to 2012), Katrina Risteska (2009-2010), Monique Swart (2008), Indiana Evans (2007-2008), and Eliza Taylor (2003-2004).