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Kellita Smith’s Relationship Choice: Love Without Marriage

Dinesh Shrestha


The actress Kellita Smith opened up about her relationship experience and views on married life in 2019 in an interview.

Explaining that married life didn’t give one privilege, Kellita, 54, confirmed that she had never been married. Further, she revealed that she was dating someone but didn’t reveal his name.

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Kellita Smith’s Views on Relationships

“I do agree with an exclusive relationship where I share my life with a man. I do believe in that,” she explained in an interview at Comedy Hype.

Kellita remembered the legendary entertainer Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell’s relationship because they were still together but not married.

Goldie and Kurt have been in a relationship for almost four decades. According to the actress, marriage was like a sentence that didn’t give you “privileges.”

Kellita Smith [Photo: YouTube/Comedy Hype]

The actress professed her stance when she said she wasn’t sure about the idea of being monogamous for a lifetime.

“You never know who you’ll meet. You never know whose chemistry you connect with,” she said.

Kellita Smith Used to Believe in Fairy Tales, Once Upon a Time

Kellita Smith confirmed that her opinion used to be different from now when she was younger.

At that time, she used to believe in “fairy tales” and “once upon a time” until she reached her 20s when her thought changed completely.

“It’s not until you get to your 40s and your 50s you don’t care that you don’t care. And you care enough about you to take care of you,” she stated.

The actress emphasized that marriage wasn’t totally off the table for her. She just didn’t see it going that way.

“I do see a commitment, an exclusive commitment,” she said.

Kellita Was in a Relationship with an NBA Player

The American actress ultimately revealed in an interview with Los Angeles Sentinel that once she was in a relationship with a basketball player.

Further, she mentioned that he was a “Hall of Famer” at that time. Therefore, as per RRG, her boyfriend back then might have been Gay Payton.

The hypothesis was also supported by the fact that she had followed him on his Instagram account.

“He showed me what it means to commit to your dream,” she stated.

Continuing on, she said, he disciplined himself and eventually got into the NBA.

Kellita Smith at The Real Daytime Show [Photo: YouTube/The Real Daytime]

Initially, she wasn’t sure what she wanted to be but desired the same type of passion as her boyfriend had for basketball.

Then she joined the acting class and changed everything. At first, it was really awful for her, but she knew she wanted to do it.

“When you are passionate about something, people’s criticism sounds like direction,” she explained.

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Inside Kellita Smith’s Life Before Fame

Born in Chicago on January 15, 1969, Kellita Smith’s dad left them to go fight in the Vietnam War, as per RRG.

Sadly, her father’s absence from the family led to the disintegration of her parent’s marriage. Then her mom raised her and her twin brother in Oakland.

Kellita was raised as a Black Panther cub, meaning she was the offspring of a parent of the Black Panther Party.

The actress went to the Oakland Community Learning Center, which was established by the Black Panthers.

Since the authorities were continually infiltrating their school, the organization decided to collaborate with the television program to shed some light.

Out of all students at the school, they chose eight-year-old Kellita to interview. She even wrote the script for her own narration.

Even though she was young, she realized the importance of her interview. Although she was youthful, gorgeous, and brilliant, her spirit tragically died at a very young age.

Kellita said that she grew up without a father around dealers and athletes. Therefore her self-image was being destroyed.

“I was first introduced to the virus violence as an infant. I experienced the violence throughout my childhood at six years old, 18 years old, 14, 19,24,” she stated.

But later, she joined an acting class, and her life changed. Her hard work and determination led to the success of her acting career.