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Jordan Beckham’s Boyfriend Was Her Fan

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Jordan Beckham revealed her boyfriend in August last year through a YouTube video. Tittled with the “MEET MY BOYFRIEND?! (HE WAS A FAN…)” the couple answered the top fan question.

The internet personality has been dating Alec Perez since 2022. They met in Florida. Turns out, Alec was actually a fan and wanted to take a picture with her.

Later, their fan-love relationship turned serious, and they ultimately started to date.

They have also begun a YouTube channel named Alec and Jordan. There, they post different kinds of boyfriend-girlfriend content.

Prior to this, she was committed to Tiktok star Garrison Hatley, but the couple ended their relationship.

How Jordan Beckham Met Her Boyfriend

As previously mentioned, the couple met in Florida at the Georgia game. Beckham was with her friend Julia Grace while Alec was walking around the game with his mates.

While walking around, Beckham caught Alec’s eye as she walked right past them. Alec and his friends were stunned. He promptly alerted his friends: “Wait, that’s Jordan Beckham.”

Jordan Beckham has been dating Alec Perez since 2022 [Youtube/Alec and Jordan]

The group went up to her and asked her for a picture, and she humbly obliged. Then they took a picture with her, and Alec DMed her the picture. He also thanked her for taking pictures with them.

It was a perfect moment for them. They walked away with the thought that they wouldn’t see them again.

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Met Almost a Year Later

Then almost a year later, Beckham found out that her friend Julia was snapchatting Alec. He was bowling at Jack’s Lane at Bull American with his friends.

The influencer was with Julie and Gavin Cole at the moment. She showed interest in meeting them, while one of her friends denied it. However, they persuaded her and eventually went there.

Over at Bull America, Alec had just bowled one strike and turned back, and there she was: Jordan Beckham. Much like their first encounter, his first reaction was: “That’s Jordan Beckham.”

Jordan Beckham and her boyfriend, Alec Perez, at their favorite place [Photo: Instagram]

After they met, Beckham suggested going over to Jack’s Beach, and everyone agreed. They went there and just walked around for three hours barefoot.

The two started off as friends, but moving forward, Alec felt like they could be more than just friends. Eventually, the couple liked each other’s vibes and began dating.

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Who made the first move?

Although Alec was interested, Jordan Beckham technically made the first move in their relationship.

The internet personality admitted that she made the first move toward their relationship. Their relationship started when Beckham was having a terrible day.

She was crying her eyes out and invited Alec to keep her company. That was the first time that the two of them spent time together without their peers around.

Alec said that he liked her eyes and her smile. He further stated that her laugh was the cutest thing. In addition, he described her as a genuine, wholesome, and sweet person.

Jordan Beckham and Alec Perez at Orlando, Florida [Photo: Instagram]

“Your smile can freaking light up a room,” she complimented her boyfriend in the video. Beckham had called him over that day because she knew he would listen to her.

On Father’s Day, he showed up with flowers and chocolate with cards. It was her first Father’s Day without her dad, and Alec came over with the cards and the flowers.

Alec also gets along very well with Beckham’s brother Cole and her mother.