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H2O Delirious Reveals His Name: Was His Face Reveal Fake?

Himal Ale Magar

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H2O Delirious has been actively posting content on his channel since 2007. Fans love him for his occasional speech errors, psychotic laugh, and gaming videos. Apart from his sensational YouTube videos, he’s also renowned for pranking his viewers with his face reveal.

The YouTuber H20 Delirious describes himself as a fun-loving, hockey mask-wearing goofball from the Vanoss Crew.

His real name is Jonathan Dennis, and is based in North Carolina. Despite his popularity, the YouTuber has always lived a private life, and not much is known about his personal life.

H2O Delirious Face Reveal [Photo: Youtube]

So, his fans are curious about him and what he might look like, and some of them have even requested it on his Instagram posts. One of his fans writes, “face reveal-lirious when?¿”

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Did H2O Delirious Do A Face Reveal?

As the popularity of H2O Delirious increased throughout the years, so did the requests for his face reveal from his fans. One YouTube channel claimed the supposed face reveal of H20 Delirious. The video was posted by Draw Their Life.

The video featured a person who claimed to be H2O Delirious. The person went on to say, “It’s H20 Delirious here,” and apologized to his fans for the lack of videos. He then talked about games like Destiny and Halo.

H2O Delirious Face Reveal Prank [Photo: Youtube]

However, fans’ enthusiasm lived short as it was not confirmed that it was his real face reveal, but could just be one of his fans impersonating him.

Additionally, the YouTuber is renowned for doing a face reveal on April 1 on the occasion of April Fool’s Day.

In 2017, he pranked his fans with the help of YouTubers like Nogla and Mini Ladd. But his fans are excited about it nonetheless.

H2O Delirious’ Face Reveals Prank On His Fans

H20 Delirious is a member of the popular gaming group, the Vanoss Crew. The team included members like I AM WILDCAT, Terroriser, Lui Calibre, and SeaNanners. H20 Delirious is the only member of the crew who has not revealed his face to his fans.

In regards to the face reveal requests, the YouTuber uploads face reveal videos but with a certain twist.

On April 1, 2022, H20 Delirious posted a video on the YouTube channel promising his fans a face reveal. However, it was his editor who revealed himself. He introduced him as “Editor-lirious” and thanked the fans for supporting the channel.

Similarly, H20 Delirious pranked his fans on April 1, 2023 as well.

The video is titled ‘H2O DELIRIOUS’ FACE REVEAL 2023.’ His fans were actually excited about the reveal, but to their surprise, the video featured several celebrities and TV personalities who claimed to be H20 Delirious.

One of the fans responded to the video as the user commented, “It’s just so delirious how he does this every year and we still watch it even though we know we get pranked.”

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What Is H20 Delirious Famous For?

The popular YouTuber started his journey on the platform by uploading video clips of mainstream games. It included Fallout 4, Black Ops II, Grand Theft Auto V, and Ark: Survival Evolved.

Besides, he also played games like Layers of Fear, The Culling, Among The Sleep, and H1Z1. Eventually, H20 Delirious collaborated with Vanoss Gaming.

H20 Delirious [Photo: Instagram]

He messaged the crew in 2011 and expressed his appreciation for the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 trolling video. H20 Delirious was later asked by Jonathan if he would like to work on upcoming videos.

Since then, the YouTuber has formed an alliance and collaborated with other members as well.

Apart from his content, H20 Delirious is famous for his avatar, which depicts him wearing a Jason Vorhees mask and clown makeup on his face.