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Kevin Spacey’s Love Life: Has He Been Married Before?

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It may come off as a surprise to many people, but the talented actor Kevin Spacey is gay. It wasn’t quite anything like he must have planned, but he came out of the closet back in 2017 amidst his sexual misconduct allegations.

Nevertheless, he is now cleared of all the charges, and the jury has found him not guilty. Since then, the clouded mystery surrounding his love life has constantly remained.

Does He Have a Wife?

Looking at his age, many might think that the 64-year-old is married and even has kids. However, that is not the case. Kevin Spacey, in fact, has never been married to anyone and doesn’t have either a wife or a husband.

Could it be that he had been so focused on his career that he didn’t have time for a trip down the aisle?

Kevin Spacey doesn’t have any known wife. [Source: Instagram]

Furthermore, the actor is also well-known for his secretive nature, and many speculated that he might be guarding his private life from the prying eyes of the media. And considering how little people know about him, he surely has done a great job in concealing his personal life.

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Linked with a Few Celebs in the Past

When Kevin Spacy revealed his true sexual orientation, he also disclosed that he has had relationships with both women and men. Though there are no specific details on his relationship with men, the House of Cards star has been linked with many Hollywood actresses.

Kevin was first linked with actress April Winchell. The duo was allegedly dating when they were in high school. Later on, the American actress and writer revealed that the pair was an item for a while. They also starred together in a musical production of Gypsy.

In addition, April revealed that they did naughty business in the backseat of her Honda Civic when she was in her late teens. The duo has apparently remained friends.

In 2000, Kevin Spacey was in a relationship with his now ex-girlfriend Dianne Dreyer. The former couple attended the 72nd Academy Awards together.

Kevin Spacey has been rumored to have dated many. [Source: Instagram]

As he won the Best Actor award for his role in American Beauty, Kevin thanked Diane for teaching him to care about the right things. He also stated that he loved her.

The former lovebirds reportedly dated for around eight years, from 1992 to 2000. They had met on the Glengarry Glen Ross set and even worked together in Consenting Adults, Albino Alligator, and Outbreak.

After the ex-couple ended their relationship, Kevin was then rumored to be dating Helen Hunt, his Pay It Forward co-star. There are not many details regarding how long they dated. But Kevin and Helen were at times photographed enjoying dates.

Then years later, Kevin also apparently dated The Hateful Eight star, Jennifer Jason Leigh. The supposed couple was linked together in 2014.

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Found Not Guilty of Sexual Misconduct Allegations

In October 2017, Kevin Spacey was the talk of the town as actor Anthony Rapp made baffling accusations against him. They were both performing Broadway shows in 1986. Rapp stated that after befriending him, Kevin invited him over to his apartment.

Anthony claimed that Spacey tried to make a sexual advance on him. Opening up, Rapp alleged that Kevin climbed on top of him after placing him on his bed.

The whole world must have turned upside down for Kevin after knowing about the accusations. He then went to his social media handle to address the allegations.

Kevin addressed the matter maturely and provided his deepest apology. He also unveiled his sexuality and came out as a gay man.

Kevin Spacey apologized and also came out as a gay man. [Source: Twitter]

Plus, in the midst of the turmoil, many folks came forward. Mexican actor Roberto Cavazos said he also had an unpleasant encounter with Kevin. Then a man claimed Kevin Spacey was lying on him when he woke up at his NY home. Another British man, Daniel Beal, claimed Kevin exposed him.

Sadly, the actor was accused even more later on.

All in all, Kevin Spacey is now cleared of his allegations and found not guilty. After the nine counts of sexual assault were dropped against him, Kevin cried and sighed with relief.