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Todd Graves & His Wife, Gwen Graves, Were School Friends

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The American entrepreneur Todd Graves married his lovely wife, Gwen Graves, in 2000 at the beaches of Hawaii.

Todd and his wife were school friends at first, but gradually their friendship developed into love. Then the couple decided to take the next step in their relationship and ultimately got married.

Later in 2008, Todd and his wife featured in the Television series Secret Millionaire, which aired from 2008- 2013, completing eight seasons.

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Todd and His Wife Celebrated Their 23 Years Of Togetherness

Todd Graves and his wife, Gwen Graves, have been together since 2000. Over the years, they have maintained a healthy relationship.

As a result, this year, the couple celebrated 23 years of togetherness in April. Todd hadn’t posted any celebration pictures this year.

However, Todd posted a picture on his Instagram profile last year celebrating their 22 years of togetherness with his wife. In the snap, the pair was grinning and addressing the camera.

Todd Graves And his wife, Gwen Graves, celebrated their 22 years of togetherness in 2022 [Photo: Instagram]

In 2021, he also shared a nostalgic snap on their 21st anniversary. The caption on that one read, “Taking it back to the old school… Cheers to 21 years!.”

Todd has commemorated their happiness as a couple by posting a picture of them almost every year. When he shared the picture, people reached out in the comment section and wished, “Happy anniversary!!!”

Todd’s Daughter, Katie Graves, Completed Her Graduation

Last year, Todd Graves’s daughter, Katie Graves, completed her graduation.

The American entrepreneur shared the news by uploading a picture of his daughter wearing a graduation dress and congratulating his daughter for completing her graduation.

Todd Graves congratulated his daughter Katie Graves on graduating from the University of Virginia Law School [Photo: Instagram]

“Congratulations to my daughter Katie Graves on graduating from the University of Virginia Law School today. We are very proud of her.” he tweeted.

Todd Graves Found Raising Cane’s Chicken Fingers

Since he was in college, Todd Graves had dreamed of opening a restaurant that only provides the best quality chicken finger meals.

As a result, Todd created a business plan on this idea, which surprisingly received the lowest rating in the group.

Even the professor said a restaurant providing only chicken fingers in South Louisiana would never succeed. However, he believed his idea and went to any banker who would listen and presented his business concept.

Todd Graves
Todd-Graves at Pebble Beach [Photo: Instagram]

Still, like the professor, everyone just gave a negative response. He knew he needed to raise his own capital. Therefore, Todd moved to California and started working as a boilermaker in an oil refinery.

Again he moved from California to Alaska and began working in the hazardous industry of commercial salmon fishing. There, he rebuilt an old structure all by himself, founding the first Raising Cane restaurant.

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Todd Graves’s New Series, Secret Sauce with Todd Graves

The American entrepreneur was born on February 20, 1972, in New Orleans, Los Angeles. Todd and his longtime friend Craig Silver established their first Raising Cane in 1996.

Recently, he came out with the new series Secret Sauce with Todd Graves to inspire viewers to pursue their dreams. The show’s first episode was aired in March.

The series follows Todd Graves as he meets different people to inspire the viewers to pursue their dreams.

From different successful people like Martin Luther King III and Snoop Dogg to Kendra Scott, they all shared their different paths to success.

The show successfully aired its first season with ten episodes.