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The American Chef Erin French: Whom Did She Marry after Divorcing Her Ex-husband?

Binesh Shrestha


There’s a saying by William Shakespeare, “Love comforteth like sunshine after rain.” In a similar manner, having had to go through the painful process of a bitter divorce, Erin French is now happily married to her new husband Michael Dutton. The lovely couple has been enjoying marital bliss since 2018.

It may come off as a surprise to many as the American chef met her now-partner in an online dating service, Match.com.

Who Is Chef Erin French’s Husband, Michael Dutton?

According to People, Michael Dutton is a media executive. He is currently working as the Managing Partner of 6CC Media, a content strategy and production company that he co-founded. The company’s home base is located in New York City, and they also operate anywhere the work takes them.

As per their website, they are storytellers who have been riding the technological revolution’s wave from the very start of their professional lives in media.

Erin’s husband Michael Dutton. [Source: Instagram]

They are mostly media makers consisting of strategists, directors, programmers, producers, cinematographers, writers, and editors. Michael’s team basically engages in the up-and-coming technologies that power the creative communications’ future.

Using Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, and Mixed Reality, 6CC Media develops, manages, delivers, and produces innovative content for mesmerizing and interactive storytelling that reaches users in a more passionately compelling way.

Furthermore, Michael’s Twitter account is filled with articles, mostly either related to modern technologies or food. In addition, it is imminent that Erin French’s partner is also into boats, fishing, and baseball, as per his Instagram.

Michael shares his boating experiences, memorable dates with his wife Erin, beautiful scenarios, his kids’ achievements, and family photos with over 5k followers,

There are not many details regarding Michael’s family besides the fact he is one of three siblings.

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Erin French and Michael Dutton’s Blissful Marital Life

It is not every day that you get a second chance with love and marriage. However, Erin is amongst the few lucky ones.

After meeting on match.com, the couple became pen pals and used to write to each other while living miles apart. While Erin lived in an old Airstream on the property of her parents on a dirt road in Freedom, he lived in Manhattan.

They met for the first time a month after falling in love over the phone and through letters. They met over dinner in Portland and have never looked back.

On the 24th of August, 2018, the beautiful Erin French and her handsome husband, Michael Dutton, tied their marital knot.

In an emotional Instagram post she shared, Erin stated if she hadn’t gone through hard times, pain, and tragedies, and listened, learned, healed, and grown, then she wouldn’t have met Michael, the love of her life.

The lovebirds have been married for more than five years now, and their affection and adoration for one another still remain the same.

On their second marriage anniversary, Michael’s wife stated they found a good honest love in a wild world. She further added that building a beautiful life with him in freedom was her greatest joy.

Well, there is a saying, “The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach,” and considering Erin cooks delicious foods, she must have now built a restaurant inside his heart.

Alongside their romantic love life, Erin and Michael are also proud parents of two children. They have two sons, Wyatt Dutton and Jaim French. Wyatt seems to be Michael’s son from his previous relationship, whereas Jaim is Erin’s son from her previous marriage.

The step-siblings also share a lovely brotherly bond.

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Erin’s Bitter Divorce from Ex-husband

As aforementioned, Erin had to go through a bitter divorce. She was previously married to a professional boatbuilder named Tom French. The former pair got married in 2006.

They opened the first Lost Kitchen in late 2011 in Belfast, Maine, and it was operated out of their apartment. However, things didn’t go as planned, and it was stressful, particularly for Erin. Later, she became addicted to Ambien and Xanax and even started hoarding them.

Erin French had a bitter divorce. [Source: Instagram]

But when she was getting sober in rehab, Erin found out that her then-husband Tom had changed the locks and closed the restaurant. The former partners’ marriage lasted till 2013.

It was a hard time for the chef that eventually led her to a cabin on her parents’ land.

Nevertheless, Erin has come a long way from her difficult days. Now she has got a supportive and loving husband who has never tried to put a cap on her.