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Jim Cashman’s Wife, Michelle Noh’s Getting Back on Her Feet After Hip Replacement

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Jim Cashman and his wife Michelle Noh married on November 15, 2003. The couple shares two lovely daughters.

Jim’s wife, Michelle, fell in love with dance in her late teens. She danced for many years, but all that time, she took the experience for granted.

It wasn’t until the doting wife broke her hip that she realized she should have been more careful and appreciative of dancing.

Before breaking her hip, she was a dancer, and the actress also took classes with her daughter.

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Michelle Noh Recovery Journey

On September 2021, Michelle Noh shared her recovery story through an Instagram post. She wrote a lengthy caption and opened up about all the details of her recovery journey.

She shared the September 2021 video, where she had just received the new hip implant. Michelle hadn’t quite recovered to that day, mentally and physically.

She was floored and was already fighting intense Nausea. The actress cut her dosage of Oxycodone in half. Then she went to bed that night, felt terrible indigestion, and quit taking Oxy completely.

Michelle thought that she would wake up in the morning feeling relief. Sadly, she instead woke up worse.

She ended up in the ER because she was so inflated from her ribs to her pelvis and was in as much pain as when she gave birth without anesthesia.

Then, the hospital conducted a CT scan which showed an obstruction in her small intestine.

The doctors had to insert a tube through her nose and into her stomach to drain its contents. Admittedly, it was a miserable experience.

Michelle Noh’s picture the day before bid farewell to her old girl [Photo: Instagram]

She was admitted to the hospital and had to keep that tube for over a day. But she didn’t even care because it was such a massive relief.

There were a lot of things that were talked about, from her hip surgery to her blood transfusion, and she eventually avoided them all.

In Diet For Five Days

She had been on a pure liquid diet for five days, and it was challenging to build back up strength or blood volume for her. Her body only accepted so few calories until a few days later.

She thought she would pass out about every eight minutes, but later she could finally drink protein shakes.

She had thought for two days about what low-fiber food she could start eating. Then she also thought of the gun with handmade Korean noodles and chicken soup. It was divine for her.

Jim Cashman’s wife and his two lovely children [Photo: Instagram]

Needless to say, this was not how this was all supposed to go. And her awful reaction to the Oxy has definitely been a setback to her hip recovery. Ultimately she welcomed a new hip on November 4, 2021.

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Compared to Her Previous and Recently Clicked Picture

A canceled flight gave her some unexpected time back in Vail Mountain, so the actress decided to recreate some memories.

She brought her new hip around to the places she spent her final moments with her old one. Apparently, Jim was a little embarrassed about his wife’s triumphant after shots.

The post came with a before and after comparison of her hip replacement surgery. The left shots were from the day before she got the hip replacement.

Michelle Noh compared her previous picture to a recently clicked picture [Photo: Instagram]

Michelle’s emotional and incredible journey throughout the years made her more strong.

She never imagined she would have to work so hard for so long. Although, she couldn’t imagine being on a ski trip again as she promised in 2021.

Michelle is still working on getting her range and flexibility back but is feeling stronger than ever. She progressed a lot more in the 3-6 months prior to that post.