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Ila Kreischer’s Parents Are Such a Good Match

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Ila Kreischer was born in July 2006 to her dad Bert Kreischer and her mom LeeAnn Kreischer. Her parents, who had a gripping love journey in the initial phase, are celebrating their 20 years of married life in December 2023.

Initially, they faced ups and down in their beautiful love story. But eventually, they knew each other’s worth and reunited again. Even after all these years, Ila’s parents enjoy each other company.

Met Twice Before LeeAnn Fell in Love with Bert

Ila Kreischer’s parents had met twice before her mother started to fall in love with him. The couple first met when she was 30, working as a writer.

She was working with a writing partner at their office, at the foot of a beautiful hiking trail. Bert and his roommate, Lorenzo, were friends with her writing partner at the time.

So, Bert and Lorenzo stopped to say hi, and Bert thought LeeAnn was pretty. However, she remembered the interruption but not Bert.

Ila Kreischer’s mom and dad [Photo: Instagram]

The duo met in a yoga class at the Hollywood YMCA for the second time. She’d just gone through a heartbreak. Bert and Lorenzo were there in the same yoga class she was attending.

Bert set his mat next to her as they sat down for a yoga lesson. She revealed in a blog post that although she had no memory of it, she remembered looking at the guy next to her thinking, “He’s sweating A LOT. I hope he doesn’t have a heart attack or something.”

However, she eventually fell in love with him in the third meeting. They met when they were bowling. She’d fully recovered from her heartbreak and was back into the dating game.

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Third Time’s The Charm

Third meeting – LeeAnn and her writing partner had invited several friends to bowl; one was Lorenzo, who brought Bert. They divided into two teams: couples vs singles.

She had gone on two dates with a guy, but it didn’t qualify her to be on the couples’ squad. So, she ended up on the singles team with Bert, Lorenzo, and six other members.

The single won over some couples. She revealed in the blog post, “Bert was being his usual, gregarious, fun, hysterical self, and seemed to get along with all our friends, as if he’d known them forever.” This made her think he was a genuine guy.

Ila Kreischer family [Photo: Instagram]

When they were wrapping up the night, she went to Lorenzo, with whom she’d become close friends over the year, and requested him to give her phone number to Bert.

LeeAnn thought it would be just two or three dates and would become great friends. However, Five days went, but he didn’t call her.

So, she made the first move and called Lorenzo asking why Bert didn’t call her. Then Lozenzo said, “Ask him yourself,” and handed over the phone to him.

She asked him, “Why haven’t you called me? Didn’t Lorenzo give you my number?”

Bert responded, “Uh-uh-uh-uh-uh.” She said that she would accept his request for a date. Again, he replied, “Uh-uh-uh-uh.”

She later learned that Bert had never asked a girl out on a legit date. Instead, he would hang out with them daily until they started dating. Then she repeated, “If you ask me out, I’ll say yes.”

Bert finally asked her out, and they planned their first date on Wednesday.

Bert Initially Thought It Wasn’t a Real Date

The adorable couple went on a first date where she donned a dress, heels, and jewelry. Because of his nervousness, he couldn’t eat a bite.

After having dinner at the restaurant and dessert at another, Bert dropped her off, giving her a sweet good night kiss.

The next day, he called her, asking what she was doing that evening. She invited him as she was going for a hike, and he accepted her invitation.

While Bert was excited about his first date, he was skeptical initially. Years later, LeeAnn came to know that, after hanging up the phone, he turned to Lorenzo and said, “She just wants me for my body.”

LeeAnn wrote in the post,

“I think the prospect of this being a “real” date scared the heck out of him, so the only way he could wrap his head around what had just happened was to think I was after him for his body. What a goof.”

Eventually, his theory of “She just wants me for my body” shattered when he picked her up. He called her on her cell phone to come down to his truck instead of going to her door. He later revealed to her that he knew the date was legit the moment he laid his eyes on her.

Ila’s Mom Dumped Bert

Dating shortly, LeeAnn Kreischer once dumped Bert. Reason – he got drunk at a dinner party and fought with her friends.

But he fought hard and did everything to get her back. Bert went to an AA meeting and met one guy who suggested standing up and talking to her.

Then he spoke to the Church father and said he wanted her back. Then the Church father said if he wanted her back, he just got a promise that she was the one.

He said he would never [expletive] this up, and he would marry her. Surprisingly, when he got back home, she was in his bedroom.

LeeAnn was in a sun dress. She also went to the Compton church; there, someone told her he was a good guy and deserved a second chance.

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Ila Kreischer’s Parents Have Been Married Since 2003

Bert Kreischer and LeeAnn are both from the Southeastern United States but met in Los Angeles.

LeeAnn and Bert acknowledged that things didn’t go smoothly at first. Apparently, Bert kept LeeAnn at a distance for some time, insisting he didn’t want to put labels on their relationship.

That was until he and LeeAnn had a dramatic falling out early in their relationship. However, the pair knew they were a good match for each other and again reunited. Thankfully they made it through a difficult period.

Later in 2003, they tied the knot in an intimate wedding ceremony. They welcomed two beautiful daughters. Their elder daughter Georgia turned 19, and Ila turned 17 in 2023.

Ila Kreischer’s parents are now happily spending their time together. Her folks initially had a rocky relationship, but with time they developed a close bond.

Furthermore, she also has a close-knit relationship with her parents.