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Kendall Toole And Her Boyfriend Have Dates Outdoor

Himal Ale Magar


Kendall Toole often shares pictures with her family members. She did not talk much about her boyfriend and love life until September 2020.

The fitness instructor shared a series of pictures of exploring waterfalls and introduced her beau. Did you know she revealed in the picture that chasing waterfalls has worked in her favor since it brought her to him?

She Manifested Her Unexpected Love Interest

Not only did the dynamic athlete turn her career dreams into reality, but she was also able to manifest a relationship with her boyfriend, Joseph Nicholas.

Toole got her vision board when a friend shared he had one for every successful business. She placed a photo of a woman boxing, thinking fitness was the path for her. She then went on to secure a job at Peloton.

Kendall Toole And Her Boyfriend Joseph Nicholas [Photo: Instagram]

Further, she made another vision board featuring photos of surfers, a blue Morpheus butterfly, and Jon Krasinksi, whom she had a crush on.

Eventually, she and her friends from Peloton went on a surfing trip to El Salvador right before the world shut down due to the pandemic. On a hike near some waterfalls, she passed a group of guys, and one of them was Nicholas. She chatted with Nicholas at the pool after cliff-jumping from a waterfall.

During their conversation, she learned that Nicholas, who “could be the brother of John Krasinski’s brother,” grew up just outside Scranton, where the show The Show took place.

They ended up exchanging numbers, but she was not looking for a relationship then. However, they started dating when the pandemic job change took Joseph Nicholas to Atlanta.

The couple celebrated their first meet-cute anniversary in El Salvador.

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Kendall and Her Boyfriend’s Have a Shared Love for Outdoors

The fitness instructor and her partner love to explore nature. The power couple has explored several destinations across the United States.

After their first meet-up, the two started traveling and spending much time together. For instance, in January 2021, Toole and Nicholas spent an entire week slaving over a cabin.

The stay-cation was also featured on her Instagram account. The social media influencer mentioned that she enjoyed cooking and playing in the frozen lake and that her birthday was filled with joy and happiness.

Kendall Toole And Her Boyfriend Joseph Nicholas [Photo: Instagram]

Further, the pair took a week-long vacation in Southern California, which Toole stated has a special place in her heart.

At the time, the fitness instructor spent quality time with Nicholas’ family and her own. She mentioned they were the best medicine for her to recharge herself.

However, Toole and Nicholas were unable to visit Yosemite during the trip because of issues they faced with their work schedules and park permits.

Nonetheless, it did not stop the pair’s hunger for adventure. They continued exploring places like Joshua Tree, San Jacinto Mountains, and Laguna.

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Her Boyfriend Has Worked for Several Companies

Toole’s partner is employed as a Strategic Account Manager at Avanos Medical as of this writing.

Per the information on his LinkedIn profile, Nicholas worked as a Medical Device Territory Manager for three years at Avanonas Medical and was promoted to AmbIT sales specialist.

Before joining the team at Avanos, Toole’s boyfriend was a Medical Devices Sales Representative for two years at Smith & Nephew.

Joseph Nicholas [Photo: Instagram]

During his tenure at the company, the fitness instructor’s boyfriend was able to analyze territory opportunities and develop customer needs to multiply the business growth.

Further, he served as a sales representative for companies like Arthrex, LifeScan, and Eli Lilly. Additionally, Nicholas was also engaged as a center director and athlete recruiter for Velocity Sports Performance.

At Velocity Sports Performance, Nicholas helped evaluate and manage the company’s financial growth.

Besides, he joined the Trive Football program at William & Mary University before his career launch. It was also where he graduated with a degree of Bachelor of Science in 2008.