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Lyndsay Lamb and Her Husband Are Highschool Sweethearts

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Lyndsay Lamb and her husband, Justin Lamb, have been enjoying their marital life for over two decades. No matter how long it has been, the duo shares a great bond.

The TV personality constantly shares their intimate moments on her social media handle. It is evident that they are having a good time together.

Lyndsay and Her Husband Married in 2001

Lyndsay Lamb and Justin Lamb met in high school in Snohomish, Washington. Then, they started dating and eventually decided to take the next step in their relationship.

So, the duo tied the knot in September 2001 in an intimate wedding ceremony. Since then, Lyndsay and Justin have been together for a long time. The two’s bond has gotten better and better over time. Justin also helped her when she formed a real estate company in 2009.

Nevertheless, he is still a part of the group and is referred to as the “Jack of All Trades” on the organization’s official website. She, therefore, always appreciates her husband and expresses gratitude to him through her posts on Instagram.

Lyndsay Lamb and her husband shared their wedding vows in 2001 [Photo: Instagram]

Plus, she never fails to wish him a Happy birthday. For instance, she wished him his Birthday in October 2022 and penned, “You are such a strong, fun, compassionate man. I would not be who I am today without you. Happy birthday, sweet boy.”

The two also renewed their vows on their 20th anniversary in the same park where they married. In addition, they are now celebrating their 22nd anniversary in 2023.

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Lyndsay’s Son Was Diagnosed with Cancer

The adorable couple welcomed a son, Miles Lamb, after four years of marriage in 2005. He loves wrestling and also took part in the competition. She constantly posts her son’s achievements on her Instagram profile.

Miles is healthy now and enjoying his life with his family. But sadly, in 2013, he was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma. He was just eight years old at that time. At first, Lyndsay noticed that Miles was increasingly tired and had some cold symptoms.

Later, she took him to the clinic, where he began breathing hard. He was diagnosed with asthma at first. Miles was admitted to the Seattle Children’s Hospital after several more doctor visits and an X-ray.

Lyndsay Lamb was diagnosed with cancer in 2013 [Photo: Instagram]

Then, the doctor’s team found out about his cancer. He went through seven weeks of treatment, including seven rounds of radiation. He was cancer-free by 2017.

Lyndsay has admitted that watching Miles battle cancer was one of the darkest experiences of her life. She appreciates the care and support the Seattle Children’s personnel provided for Miles and the entire family.

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Meet Her Husband: Who is Justin Lamb?

Justin Lamb is now part of his wife’s real estate company. But back in 2011, in an Interview with HeraldNet, he said that he worked at the Cancer Research Center in Seattle and was a Stationary Engineers Local 286 member.

Whatever the case, Justin discovered his love for typewriters as a pastime or a profession. He also kept his typewriter as decor in his classic home near Snohomish High School.

Furthermore, he also kept his old typewriter model in his office. He said in the conversation that he grew up with computers, but it wasn’t fun to him. He added, “Sending an email has no personality.”

Lyndsay Lamb and her husband Justin Lamb [Photo: Instagram]

Justin also explained about famous authors who used typewriters, not computers. He had a Royal Standard portable from about 1935. He taught himself how to repair old typewriters.

The two are now living a happy life, enjoying each other company and spending quality time together.